Sharing on the Path… to a brighter world!

A Calling to Share

I wake at 3 a.m. this night and my senses tell me it’s a sign I should be chronicling my experiences in the death throes of this 3d reality.

As I write these words a fear creeps into my being of how these thoughts are being perceived by others on this life path.

I speak so distinctly about the demise of this reality and the springing up of a new earth in its place, I suppose I’m contemplating the notion that I’m making all of this up!

I’m immediately struck by the thought ‘what would be the difference?

That is to say: if thoughts create your reality then what you believe you’ll see!

What thoughts govern our experience of this reality?

As I reside in this reality, I dream of a world where we share each other’s stories with accommodation and respect.

I envision a world where cooperation outweighs the need for competitive practice.

This world I’ve dreamed of is a sharing society of peoples, who welcome every soul born into this world to share their unique gifts and talents with the world.

I see a place where everyone follows their passions in life and not wasting their lives in hum-drum jobs that pay the bills in this monetary system but does little to aid the soul’s growth through this life journey.

These are but a few examples of the thoughts I feel are required to create the ‘ascension‘ process on earth.

Awakening from a Nightmare

I feel, most earnestly, that making this world better than when we arrived as new borns on the planet is our primary goal. It is what life has been about since time immemorial.

Yet – very particularly – at this time I perceive the world to be shifting, as a collective, the human family is wiping the dust from their eyes to awaken to the manipulation and controlling forces that are present all around this earth reality.

Our eyes, via alternative media sources and other connective tools within our being, are turning more towards the stars and our galactic heritage to see how we belong to the universe. This in a scale of relationship not yet even closely imagined by our limited 3-d perceptions.

Galactic Inheritance: We are all made of Stars!

Our ancient heritage can be sourced far beyond the physical realms we can see of planets and star systems.

This understanding opens the doorways of the mind and radically shifts humankind’s ability to perceive itself.

This galactic knowing, once absorbed, will dissolve the veil between our physical world and the world of spirit and the lighter energies.

This allows the higher qualities of compassion, peace, joy and love to flourish on the earth domain and cleanses the earth of lower vibrational energy that keeps humans locked in jealouscy, lack, greed and fear.

A New Earth is Rising

No longer shall we need to scrimp and search for material to survive.

The abundance that the new earth will usher in will once again align humans with what is evident in nature: that of abundance and sharing in the moment of now.

The practice of hoarding material and engaging in securing what’s perceived to be owned by the individual will become redundant.

People will share and create a sense of abundance, losing the fear that there is not enough.

God will provide and this will be widely understood.

Empowered and Renewed Souls

The times of negative news and carnage in the streets of troubled areas will be reduced as people will begin to choose differently.

A government will not be able to manipulate citizens into wide scale wars for a perceived ‘just’ cause.

As minds of humans become less controllable by outside forces and manipulated by a corrupt media, people become empowered and a flowering of consciousness occurs amid the debris of earth’s charred lands.

We’re making a Better Reality Together!

The momentum for this shift is building and to encourage its growth articles such as mine are becoming etched into the consciousness stream.

A self fulfilling prophecy is enacted thus by such actions!

As I come to conclude this article I’m stirred by this undertaking into a realisation of the truth that a new earth starts from within your own soul.

Therefore by cherishing the ideas and assertions of this piece of writing I’ve taking steps towards bringing this message about.

I hope, dear reader, you too can can embrace this message and allow it to stimulate a similar one from your own heart.

For it is as it has been said, those that walk in darkness have seen a great light!

Invocation to the Divine

May peace and joy be always present in your heart going forward into this reality.

May we all strive boldly together, as beings of the light;

And may God guide and protect us in this most noble task of life, to live in loving presence of the divine.

For it is now and ever shall be, our world without end.

Namaste and blessings all!


5 thoughts on “Sharing on the Path… to a brighter world!

      1. Thank you…. its the sharing of ideas that the post was all about that you’ve made real for me now!! Enjoyed your post today by the way. Very stirring the idea of being aware of the magical child within!! Perhaps our messages will be heard more in these strange times at present too!

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