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The Great Oak Tree

Wisdom of the Tree.. Ease the quietening of my mind, with the beating of my heart. Give me the wisdom of a great oak tree, that grew tall and strong, because it grew slow and steady! Open my heart to the joyful contemplation of the oneness of all creation. Let me not be transfixed by … Continue reading The Great Oak Tree

A Contemplation on Peace

A peace that passes all understanding.. Peace is a choice that emanates from within; To awaken to our higher consciousness we must demonstrate an ability to restore equanimity to our fragile hearts. By this act of restoring balance to our own being others are entrained to this higher frequency of existence. All of nature responds … Continue reading A Contemplation on Peace

Celestial Lightbearers of Earth

These celestial lightbearers... They journeyed far from their light source to bring earth home. They experienced all of earth traumas, being scarred on many a war zone. They exchanged a life of perfected bliss to feel heartbreak and sorrow, their higher nature to miss! Yet through all the scorn, the lifetimes of pain. The light … Continue reading Celestial Lightbearers of Earth