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In ‘Search’of Presence

I clutch at the snippets of future visions in my mind's eye. Feeling the ticking of the clock, as another season whisks by. The angst that is conjured up from a fear of decay... Leads the mind into chaotic ramblings and a scramble to make sense of this time's fray. Yet, when I relinquish the … Continue reading In ‘Search’of Presence


The Stark Desolation of the Night

From darkest night to the bright dawn... I am alone with my thoughts in the depths of a dark winter's night. My dreams all deserted; my hopes taken flight. I toss and turn, plauged by thoughts of mistakes from my past, that I've percieved I've made... I'm convinced my future looks bleak, I feel vanquished … Continue reading The Stark Desolation of the Night