A New Earth Message

As the holiday in the USA approaches, the world staggers in dis-orientation and dismay at the last few months that have caused upset and turmoil to every being’s routines and upended all the previously banked on certainties of life. The world is emerging like a butterfly from a chrysalis. The pain and uncertainty of breaking […]

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Conduits of the Light

Bleakness and darkness surrounds us it seems, all these days of our lives. We no longer can find any hope amid the hatred and lies. With poison in the media been propagated as a cure to our ills. The methods of the wicked ones gives one the chills. A burning building; a riotous crowd; a […]

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Earth Shattering to a Globe Awakening Part II – A Guide to Awakening

(Earth Shattering to Global Awakening – original post of 24th May 2019) A note before we begin: “Everyone is responsible for his/her own decisions and beliefs.Everyone can investigate for himself/herself to find his/her own truth(s). Together we are laying the puzzle and together we may begin to understand the the whole picture source” Astar Command Crew […]

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Victory to the Light

Many are lost in this world, bereft of a knowledge of the divine source. They ignore any yearnings of the heart and steer their own egos course. Visited by troubles and harsh times- where pain and suffering flourish… it’s clear to me it’s their souls that are most in need to be nourished. In this […]

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Night into Day

A luminous star shined in the dark sky over a brooding sea. A lonesome boat man rested his oars amid the stillness of that eerie night scene…. with aching muscles and weary bones all seemed lost of his dreams. Gathering himself together he took his oars up to press on; batting back the many fears […]

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The Spiritual Call

The yearning in life for meaning to relinquish despair; Giving a purpose to being…to reside in hope, faith and joy; Becoming an elevated soul, filled with compassion and love… This is my prayer to God up above. No longer in turmoil – filled with strife, fear and doubt; Becoming a channel of your peace is […]

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The Kingdom of God – A Vision…

We are powerful beings of light that have incarnated to form a consciousness shift on the planet, enabling inhabitants to be the highest version of the grandest vision of who we really are! We are all powerful geniuses whom have fallen into a deep slumber, forgetting this awareness of our own greatness. However, once the […]

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To be Free by the Beach

I wonder how blissful it is to reach the present…. beyond the chatter of our busy minds. I stroll on the beach and I watch the birds, in a graceful way, I drop the label we use to define these creatures, and see a form of consciousness sharing my reality swooping and dancing upon the […]

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