Welcome to my blog site. I have been blogging here since autumn of 2018, with a stirring to aid mother gaia in awakening the beings of earth to the new earth emerging.

It’s my sincere wish that you glean spiritual nourishment from my blog entries and are satiated in your search for enlightenment through my site.

I would encourage you to visit my ‘Inspiring Web links‘ page also to further your spiritual quest!

As the sanskrit word namaste conveys I’m pleased to greet the divinity in you from the divinity in me.

Sat nam (truth be thy name)

SpiritualSenses222 – What’s in a name?

My name is Barry McEvoy the pen name I blog under SpiritualSenses222 refers to the cultivating of our being through the senses above the physical 5 senses of touch, see, hear, smell, taste. When engaged in our spiritual senses we are elevated to a higher realm above the 3d reality matrix.

(For expanded reading on this see: http://www.greatgenius.com/spiritual-senses-within-your-physical-senses)

The number 222 in spiritual understanding is associated with balance and rising above the duality state of being. It indicates a master builder and acts as a reminder that the power to create our destiny lies within us.

(For more see https://www.spiritualunite.com/articles/222-spiritual-meaning-you-should-know/)

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