Awakening Thoughts for June 2021

We are on the precipice of the great unknown.. I am feeling like we are on the precipice of enormous change and yet no apparent movement can be felt off the ledge into the 'great unknown'. It is like the instructors are doing all their safety checks in secret and completely out of sight of … Continue reading Awakening Thoughts for June 2021

A Soul Meditation: What does it take to ascend?

A soul's call to grow... By yearning to be free, the human being heralds the call of the soul within the corporeal self. For though the body will surely wither and decay through the ravages of time, it must be grasped this is not the totality of the self. No, there is a part of … Continue reading A Soul Meditation: What does it take to ascend?

Celestial Lightbearers of Earth

These celestial lightbearers... They journeyed far from their light source to bring earth home. They experienced all of earth traumas, being scarred on many a war zone. They exchanged a life of perfected bliss to feel heartbreak and sorrow, their higher nature to miss! Yet through all the scorn, the lifetimes of pain. The light … Continue reading Celestial Lightbearers of Earth