The Dawning of a New Age!

To be a purveyor of higher thoughts a soul must frequently tap into all that is and feel a stillness and serenity in this presence of now! The urgency to do something of note, to lay down a marker, to grapple with the uncertainties of a world thrust into chaos by the forces of deceit, […]

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A New Earth Scribe

I am listening to the howling wind on an unseasonably cold July night, as darkness creeps in and steals the light of the day away. What strikes me about my disposition is how balanced and poised I am, with my pen in hand and book on my lap. I’ve had a day surrounded by people […]

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‘Feel the Fear’ by Sinead McEvoy

It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m sitting alone and I’m angry with myself that the possible cause of my chronic fatigue has been my persistent fear of shining my light and sharing my healing gifts with the world. An Empath’s Journey Obviously being born an empath I’ve been conditioned to feel into everyone else’s energy, so I […]

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The lost soul lurches onward; the night seems so long… Nothing prepared for having to be in this place where only dark forces belong. In turmoil the soul ventures through the stormy climate and harsh wind.. Oblivious to the cause of these conditions wondering whom have they sinned… Continuing this well worn dreary path; Yearning […]

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The Captain of My Ship!

I issue the orders and set course for my day; I plot every obstacle that may come my way. Nobly, I journey beyond the safe shores of home; To foreign lands and adventure and strange places I roam. Life is an ocean, which we sail on through time; Living to remember what was left there […]

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A Life Beyond a Bi-Polar Label

I seek solace in my courage, that I trust I’ve nurtured from within; Let me never shy from speaking my truth, it’s whats got me here from the dark places I’ve – in the past – been! I step up to the lectern and take a steady, slow breathe to bring calmness to my being; […]

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Inspiring Quotes by Barry McEvoy

Introduction I’ve drawn together a number of quotes from my morning contemplations with my soul and the Divine. I’ve assigned the quotes to various sub headings for ease of understanding. I hope you enjoy the read: Service to Others “Compassion is the window to another’s heart.” “To reach out to someone in distress is to […]

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