A Life Beyond a Bi-Polar Label

I seek solace in my courage, that I trust I’ve nurtured from within; Let me never shy from speaking my truth, it’s whats got me here from the dark places I’ve – in the past – been! I step up to the lectern and take a steady, slow breathe to bring calmness to my being; […]

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Inspiring Quotes by Barry McEvoy

Introduction I’ve drawn together a number of quotes from my morning contemplations with my soul and the Divine. I’ve assigned the quotes to various sub headings for ease of understanding. I hope you enjoy the read: Service to Others “Compassion is the window to another’s heart.” “To reach out to someone in distress is to […]

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“The more unknowing the man realises he is; the more learned he will become” Barry McEvoy 17th March 2015

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