Sunday’s Soul

I feel enamored by the grace of this day; it is a day designated a rest day by our higher power. No chores to do, no tasks to complete – it is a time of contemplation and seeking out a deeper meaning to it all! Why are we here, born into a planet of such […]

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A Soul’s Path to Freedom

To lurch from panic to a sense of ease; is to be in the midst of a great tumult, an energetic shift. The waves can be experienced either as shattering body shakes or harmonious movements across the planes of existence. Energy passes through my vessel altering my experience of this world – the environment in […]

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As the Clouds go by….

A gentle breeze caresses my face through an open window in my room. The weather today has been quite beautiful, with sunshine throughout the day interspersed with beautiful deep cloud formations. This time has the feeling of change that despite the awful news coverage demonstrating carnage in the world we are on the cusp of […]

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The Clarion Call to Ascend

Shaken from my slumber; I hear alarm bells all round. Yet all I feel is serenity in my soul; peace and harmony I resound.   The world is in a chaotic spin as strife and fear do rage unbounded; A soul aligned with galactic knowledge can ease past the tempest, unconfounded.   For though it […]

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