A Winter’s Dawn

The reddish, auburn sky is turning a golden sandy yellow as dawn breaks on this winter morn. Why do I feel as if am reaching in to eternity, as I become transfixed by this scene? It strikes me that this event has been occurring throughout the ages of humanity and further back through the mists […]

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Life: A Trail to Paradise

  A Confession on the Spiritual Path I have this earnest wish to lead readers closer to spirit and help provide guidance through my experience on the course of the ascension path. Thus helping to create a greater and more expansive path on earth for all. Yet in my darkest times I do doubt all […]

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Dancing Leaves

The leaves on the ground lay deadened and ready to decay; they look lifeless and withered, a sure sign winter is on the way. Then suddenly out of nowhere the leaves rise from off the ground; the clear message being there’s life beyond the unhappy mound. They swirl and twirl along the rivers edge so […]

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The Fruits of the Forest

Where are we going in life? As a planetary race we have not enamoured ourselves to our fellow beings travelling through this time and space on earth. It’s only by a walk through forest trails that I rediscover the vitality of what it is to be a member of Gaia earth. The serenity and calm […]

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