A Soul’s Journey Home

‘A Soul’s Path….’

I wander upon a sacred path; hoping all my dreams may come to pass.

My worries, troubles, and doubts you see, I offer up to God deep within me.

And with the weights I carried now shed; I rejoice in receiving my daily bread.

Not mired in difficulty or striving in vain; I sense God’s presence all around me to keep me sane.

Therefore, surrounded by the faith I display, the lower thought forms that burdened me melt far away.

By walking the path of the Christed self, I earn for my soul eternal wealth.

For no longer burdened by the tools of the lower realm…

My heart is joyful, my soul full to overwhelm.

I offer this up to you dear reader this day.

Be at peace in God’s love, and in this truth, you shall stay.

All I can declare is God in all, as it was, shall be and as it is now!

So welcome home, dear brother and sister of Christ light.

Your blinkers are removed you now see with full sight.

Love is the answer to all of our woes.

For we breathe in God’s essence from day break to night’s repose.


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