New Earth Rising

A New Earth beckons us forward…

Let all be joyful in virtuous rapture; for the earth is being filled with the light of Christ.

Rejoice in the light of a glorious new dawn as the trees come alive and the birds sing their song.

As the great saviour of the world emanates from all sacred hearts, the earth becomes illuminated, and all darkness must part.

For eternal sunshine awaits the awakened souls in the new earth unfolding anew, with great love for one another a rebirth will ensue.

A great awakening will enliven a whole human race.

To allow great awareness to occur and great changes to take place.

As the multitude are shook up from their consciousness slumber that led to such misery and decay.

The evil deeds and miscreations are sent on their way.

When the dawn breaks on the awakened consciousness of all. It’ll bring such joy and bliss we’ll never again fall.

Therefore, beckon the Christ light into your heart and dissolve the ego mind.

And realise the profound love God holds for all human kind.


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