In ‘Search’of Presence

I clutch at the snippets of future visions in my mind’s eye.

Feeling the ticking of the clock, as another season whisks by.

The angst that is conjured up from a fear of decay…

Leads the mind into chaotic ramblings and a scramble to make sense of this time’s fray.

Yet, when I relinquish the grip of the ego mind…

Peace and tranquillity are the great rewards that I find.

Without losing any stability that my renewed spirit has found…

I return to the present moment and let the silence absorb all sound.

Now, the times of great anguish and tumult fail to upset my soul.

For I am in presence and need no longer toil after an elusive goal.

It is only in the ‘here and now’ that we can recognise our true self.

And in that profound knowing we unearth our eternal wealth!


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