Heart of God

As sure as the sun breaks through the night at dawn; God’s love is ever ready to awaken in the heart to banish all that is forlorn.

Noble are the qualities of the great warriors of the light for their hearts are open, in this great act of courage the gifts of grace follow their path to victory in all forms.

For without love all is fallow and turns to cosmic dust, the bravest among us are led by God, as in their hearts they truly trust.

Now, you whom are weary, lay down that heavy armour make no more a battleground of your heart; and as the barriers are set aside the pure, ever present love of God will make a path to your heart…. and there he’ll abide.

Then you’ll be led to the land of perfect peace, no disturbances can be felt in a heart that’s pure and true. For the soul becomes invigorated, the body shall renew.

Be still therefore in the silence and beckon tranquillity to your heart place. For with God in your heart your surely filled with a deep loving grace.



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