Divine Calling

A Call to Usher in the New Earth

Residing in the shadows, filled with fear and sever lack of self worth;

Being aware of the gross misconduct of a world run amok.

As darkness prevailed through the long ages of human existence;

All beings of light were brutally suppressed, unable to offer any resistance.

Although the times were very dark indeed, there were some brave souls who were busy planting seeds.

Then others came along to nurture and allow these to grow so that God’s glory maybe revealed.

The descent into chaos, atrophy and decay would be arrested by divine intervention, as a great anointed one would show us all the way.

As descendents of his teachings embodied the beauty of the message of eternal life, enough souls would awaken to restore earth to its former might.

By this heeding of a Divine calling a ‘tipping point’ would be reached by earth’s souls and the wicked and dark were banished to sheol.

The light prevailed in the great battle for souls as the consciousness of the planet rose.

No longer mired in that game of duality. The evolved souls of New earth now embraced a higher reality.

Peace and joy reign in the earth renewed, as our higher gifts are brought back to the fore.

New Earth has arrived calling us all to embrace and adore.

And love becomes our currency as we live by cooperation and altruistic merit for the betterment of all.

If one of us should stumble we need only reach out and call.

The New Earth is a place where your treasure is measured by your connections to other souls and the size of your spiritual heart.

By your ability to emanate peace be a caring being from the start.

So all of us reading here on the forefront of this event, let’s all gather closely together and act out these ideals by which we were sent!

For its time now on the earth plane for the light to step out of the shadowy fears. To become a beacon of love and guidance for all lost in the fog of many years.

God has called us all to play a great role in this divine plan to raise up the earth to greater heights.

Now I implore you to answer the call with all of your might.



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