The Stark Desolation of the Night

From darkest night to the bright dawn…

I am alone with my thoughts in the depths of a dark winter’s night.

My dreams all deserted; my hopes taken flight.

I toss and turn, plauged by thoughts of mistakes from my past, that I’ve percieved I’ve made…

I’m convinced my future looks bleak, I feel vanquished and afraid.

Yet a feeling pervades my soul by the stream of lamp light;

I begin to see a clearing in the woods of my mind – there’s a shaft of illumination in sight!

This ‘dark night of the soul‘ is here to serve a great purpose in my life….

For I confront all my demons, battling justly, and with all my might.

As I befriend my fears and allow my shadow aspects to emerge, a great weight is lifted from my being;

… I begin to purge.

The illusions of anxiety, of lack and of despair…

Are replaced by a sense of oneness and only Love can exist there!

Therefore, by scribing my thoughts on paper, filled with Truth from my heart.

I arrest all my loneliness and invoke God’s light – as it was – ever present

… from the start.

So my dear reader, when you’re feeling in despair, tap into Divine knowing and God will meet you there.

For to live in this knowing of God’s ever presence prevading all time and space…

Alerts us to the great Love of ‘Divine- Creator‘ that no illusory fear can ever replace.

So I implore you then, when all seems desolate and no light appears present, amidst a sense of separation…

Reach deep in your heart to grasp that all life is in union!

And make this your perfect consolation!

I remind you once more, that the darkest of nights must pass, inexorably, to the morn…

And in so doing usher in the great healing light of God’s beatiful new dawn!



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