Yearning for My Beloved…

Clasping her hand, I said my farewell in a state of sorrow and confusion.

I long to stay by her side to restore our lives to perfect union.

Yet the wisdom of my soul seeped into my chaotic mind: A time apart would deliver great healing to my beloved – her joy to find.

For my body and mind have been tested to their core.

The strain of daily living left a toll I couldn’t ignore.

As peace is the object of every awakened soul, to restore balance to the earth.

I, now, surrender all my desires to restore my beloved’s happiness and mirth.

The wheel of life turns slowly towards greater times ahead, yet I would trade the world over for precious moments with my beloved instead.

This life is arduous, as challenging as the greatest mountain hike, through obstacles and multiple set backs to endure.

Does God have a Divine plan for the Earth to be in paradise once more?

I sense we are all encoded with these seeds needing cultivation and our human toil in life.

To prepare the fertile ground to create paradise and rid the earth of all strife.

By waking in the morning and striding into the world anew;

We each form a piece of God’s puzzle to create a loving reality, it’s true!

So as I spend the time contemplating the oneness of us all and how we can never be alone..

I reach far into the depths of my soul and connect to my beloved in that etheric space;

A cultivating of pure love to awaken the whole human race!


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