Perilous Times…Peace be still.

Peace be still

I am filled with light, every cell of my being radiates with the loving pure essence of unbridled joy.

I hold no fear of the darkness, for I am the torch that lights the way home.

Peace reigns in my heart, I am filled with a bursting willingness to serve God and assist in the awakening of human consciousness to a higher realm of existence.

This becomes my destiny, I illuminate the path of the righteous ones for we are birthed into this reality for these times and we lead God’s people home to the loving refuge of his gentle embrace.

My rest has been earned through long hours in the fields, I’ve laboured for my heavenly Father and lead his lost sheep back to the fold.

I care for all of God’s creation and offer all a path back to his righteousness.

Not burdened by the impact of other’s words or opinions, I lead where I’m guided to lead. Therefore I write these words to encourage and offer great hope to those that hold to faith in the goodness of our fellow brothers and sisters of earth.

Our lives are not our own, they have been purchased at a great price. We must relinquish our individual excesses to tame the ego self that stands as a guardian of the individual. In its place Divine will shall flow through this surrendered soul and this soul may then take their place among the angels of heaven.

Therefore I pray to thee, set straight your path and toil no longer in the field of dispair and disillusionment.

Reach up to God in heaven with all your might and surely your actions will be rewarded.

The times are perilous and the hours are few before the great reckoning will be visited upon the earth plane.

However do not be troubled, be at peace and set your mind and body to stillness. By this act all shall be gloriously revealed.

Those willing to take up their cross and follow Christ will enter into paradise of their heavenly inheritance.

This begins with your next breath.



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