Oh God, Where Art Thou?

God is Love in All!

I am unsettled in my form, as I feel dislocated from this time and place.

Why am I existing as a participant in this human race?

Is there any meaning beyond this material pursuit of the time or transcribing my thoughts to paper through this act of rhyme?

By contemplating my soul’s true purpose my heart opens to the Love of God most high.

My restlessness is ameliorated and I set aside that need to know ‘why’!

For God’s Love abounds in this world She is in the shifting of all of us through time.

In all our comings and goings a moment of quietude will reveal this sign.

For the window that is our very essence that is made up of only Love.

Becomes fully transparent to us when we seek that which is above.

By striving to raise our consciousness we clean up life’s window pane.

To live in full communion with God and realise we are all the same.

This act of comprehending that sacred principle of unity of all.

Reveals to us the beauty of life; from epic events, to those acts so small.

Now in this knowing my journey seems less daunting, as I feel much more awakened and alive.

Basking fully in God’s presence in my heart I can set aside all need to strive.

I am at peace in my embodiment; my soul feels nourished and strong…

For I now know God’s Love surrounds me here, in Her I always belong!

Authors note: I have used the female pronoun in this poem to describe God in acknowledgement of the feminine aspects of nurturing and giving birth to life. I, of course, recognise that God in Her omnipotence transcends the gender attributes of the male and female, yet the attributes of both and much more form the ever presence of our Father/Mother God. Thank you for reading! Namaste. 

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