Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Our Wedding Day; Sinead and Barry McEvoy, Sept 4th 2014

Rumi Poem

“O Love, once forsaken;

Abandoned heart be forgotten now,

Your Beloved has arrived, and will forever remain;

All praise be to God”

Source: pocket Rumi, shambhala pocket classics, pg 70

Our Divine Union

Our Love has been purified by a great furnace of trials on the earth plane.

I’ve come to your aid in times of your need, while you’ve kept me healthy and sane.

For our Love is deeper than mere physical aspects, as we endured our great tribulation.

At times it seemed our Creator abandoned us to a life of misery and frustration.

Yet our mission became clear, God chose us to hold the keys to restore the edenic way.

We were tasked with unwinding the false matrix and all that has led to decay.

It was Sept 4th of 2014 that our Divine Union commenced.

A great force combined to balance the feminine and masculine energy, we sensed.

Our Love endured through fierce fires to dissolve the veil of separation.

In this act we resolved all fears of lack and desperation.

We continue to heal each other with our codes of Divine Union.

We pray by our example we aid the world to grow stronger in loving communion.


Sinead and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage on this day the 4th September 2022.

We have been living through an extensive and intense healing journey that we feel will clear away the density in ourselves and our family lines.

We earnestly desire that our example of merging the divine feminine and divine masculine aspects of what is to be human within us will aid the ushering in of the new earth, where heaven and earth are as one and peace, joy and love for all creation is made manifest.

Happy Anniversary, Love you Sinead, you are truly my ‘Gift from God‘ ❤️

Namaste all 🙏


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