Infinite Generosity of God

The sun rise beckons over the hill tops and the house roofs. The glistening rays illuminate my being as the day begins. The divinity in all pervades my very soul. As I still in the silence of the early morn; I feel enlivened, enriched and reborn. Yesterday's worries and grief melt from my mind, as … Continue reading Infinite Generosity of God

A Whirlpool of One’s Own Creation..

Introduction - The 'Blame Game' "Why does it always happen to me?" Or..... "...things always go wrong for me and it's not my fault I've had a damaged upbringing." Is this a familiar cry to you? Or have you become tired of languishing in life - not taking responsibly for the course it takes. Do … Continue reading A Whirlpool of One’s Own Creation..

‘Home’ (A Place of Origin and A Point of Destination)

Time may pass and fade away... But memories of me will always stay! I am purging alot of my old self during this hiatus back in my parental home. I arrived 'home' yesterday evening and spent a wonderful evening reminiscing with my mother. When I had time alone with my thoughts in our family home, … Continue reading ‘Home’ (A Place of Origin and A Point of Destination)