Worry to Worthy?

An Ego run Amok? Anxiety and fear are the thought forms of a soul that is weak in faith. This lack of trust in the universal source of all can lead to disorder and chaotic drama in life leading to undesirable manifesting. An ego drive in the mind has run amok and blame and victimhood … Continue reading Worry to Worthy?

Great Awakening

Awakening our consciousness I am unhindered by this time and space. Awakened, am I, from this dank and miserable, fake place! No longer bowed in servitude, controlled by others whim. I've no fear of judgement for false accusations of sin. For in this time of great uncertainty truth will be revealed. All hidden by the … Continue reading Great Awakening

Spiritual: A label or a Way of Life?

There are many labels we place on ourselves in this life: our birth name; our occupation; our nationality; our ethnicity. However the one that causes me most trouble and strife is a religious/spiritual label. It appears to me that any label of our spirituality losses something in the process and has the inevitable affect of … Continue reading Spiritual: A label or a Way of Life?