Self-Love to Universal Love

Love starts from within oneself To love another is to pour from your own heart that which must flow from within the self. For a cup cannot be filled from an empty jug; to truly love others one must first love oneself. This love of self is cultivated by realising the divinity that resides … Continue reading Self-Love to Universal Love

Divine Presence

In the presence of the Divine... I become a captive of love's gentle embrace. All anxiety, fear and unknowing passes through me, as wind through the trees - my countenance is undisturbed. In the presence of the Divine... I discard my persona - I am naked before God and a tranquility washes over my being … Continue reading Divine Presence

Spiritual: A label or a Way of Life?

There are many labels we place on ourselves in this life: our birth name; our occupation; our nationality; our ethnicity. However the one that causes me most trouble and strife is a religious/spiritual label. It appears to me that any label of our spirituality losses something in the process and has the inevitable affect of … Continue reading Spiritual: A label or a Way of Life?