A Moment of ‘Zen’

True Freedom is Knowing Who You Really Are? I realise that all is one and the higher self: the 'I AM' consciousness, is still me but on a higher plane! I merge my lower self with my 'I AM' consciousness and with all other 'I AM' consciousnesses of every man, woman and child on earth. … Continue reading A Moment of ‘Zen’

God’s World

God's World is Love on Earth In God's world, I am infinite in my being. I assuage all fears, worries and doubts by my inner-self, which beckons me to the stillness of the present....the 'pre-sent'... moment of NOW! As I radiate the light of my soul, fully into this presence, I awaken the deep still … Continue reading God’s World

Spiritual: A label or a Way of Life?

There are many labels we place on ourselves in this life: our birth name; our occupation; our nationality; our ethnicity. However the one that causes me most trouble and strife is a religious/spiritual label. It appears to me that any label of our spirituality losses something in the process and has the inevitable affect of … Continue reading Spiritual: A label or a Way of Life?