Reaching Out…in Love!

Reaching out on life’s path with love…

For the greatest gift you’ll ever have in life is to know that you are love…

I long to reach out to others, traversing this rugged life path;

To make sense of this journey that offers us a window to be born, then to swiftly depart?

Perhaps I’m struggling here to survive; yearning for support while others take these frailties of life in their stride?

I pray for the morning dawn, amidst the darkness of the depths…where I reside.

Why must all we love depart from us, through the passage of time…

All I can do in face of this transience is scribe my thought in rhyme!

It appears that life is a tunnel of despondency and despair;

I’m I the only one who views this realm as grossly unfair?

Not looking for meaning in all of this, we are told to consume and reap the short lived highs of material gain, as an attempt to nullify the madness and the utterly insane.

Yet God gives us great gifts far beyond the physical realm; animated in time and space.

For our consciousness grows through life experience and the challenges we face!

This realisation leads us to learn that service to others is the keystone of our life path for us to construe…

And each of us are a complete copy of the whole; by love our beings renew.

No longer bound by ego to the visstitudes of the ‘little‘ me.

One taps into life’s true soul path and in the process becomes free.

So transcend this realm of physicality and its transient nature of decay.

And know that by ‘re-membering‘ your ever present, immortal self, you’ll keep all fears at bay.

Love, in service to others, is the highest calling of God most high.

And in this great discovery, my friend, you’ve found your reason ‘why‘!

Now life does not seem such a struggle to find meaning and purpose from above…

For the greatest gift in life you’ll ever have is to know that you are love.


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