Awakening to the Divine

The sweet sound of the birdsong, as the dawn begins to break, causes my heart to yearn for you Lord, what creations can I make?

To honor your presence in the bright blessed morn, helps wrestle me free of this world filled with mockery and scorn.

Am now free to express my love for the great presence of the Divine, in the sweet nectar of the forest or the fruits of the vine.

In my joy am crying out in great waves of delight; feeling no inhibitions, all that’s negative takes flight.

My Divine nature is revealed; my tongue speaks only of great truths.

I scribe into verse God’s love to take root.

Take note that by breathing in the air of another blessed day…..all cares are thrown to the wind and all fears banished away.

We become a great vessel of Divinity: our one, true, source!

With ego in check the spirit steers us on a righteous course.

By knowing that all is nourished by God’s holy will. I lay down on green pastures and by the waters remain still.

I become filled with the Holy spirit as like a barrow in a rain storm.

Great expectations of A Divine purpose fill up my body form.

And I pray for love to spread throughout the world that I’m seeing.

As we answer the call to recognise Divinity within our being!

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