Life is Eternal

Bridging Heaven and Earth with love!

Life is eternal, yet interrupted by a change of form.

No attachment to the body can release the tethered soul.

When pain overwhelms the body and the mind loses grip on the external…

The soul takes flight and returns to source light.

Never mourn a passing soul for the joy accompanies all journeys home.

We whom remain in incarnate form need only raise a thought of that loved one and their spirit returns to our heart.

Rejoice always in God’s grace and know that nothing is ever lost.

God knows each hair on our head and will comfort us with loving embrace if we open to Divinity.

So forgive those loved ones passed for any failings in life you’ve percieved as their faults.

Thus allow their love to grow in your heart no longer holding to any pain or sense of loss.

By relinquishing all the unhappy times all that’s left is pure love from a smiling face.

As those in spirit rejoice now as you welcome them to a happier place.


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