‘I am….’ (The Presence of God Within)

Mighty ‘I am’ presence within…

I am a shining light amidst the dark and dank times of toil; I feel deep into my trauma, never backing away or to recoil.

By a self-discipline of mind and a courageous, open heart, I invite God to reside within me offering that fresh start.

I’ve burned off all impurities and released all suffering I clinged to as mine.

That pull of maya no longer holds sway to my senses, I allow the higher virtues of my soul to shine.

Now I drink from a finer cup of life’s wondrous offerings.

Being in a constant state of becoming, I am the observer by the river bank in it’s flow.

And in this I hold great compassion and Love for everyone I know…

As I gaze in the stillness, I realise I am the mighty presence in this temporal human form. I have tapped into a bliss for living no longer scourged with hopelessness and forlorn.

I am a soul in flight not subject to the strictures of time and place; I shed all egoic desiring, I no longer compete in that race!

For I am commander of my mind and body, my world is being moulded by my conscious thought, word and deed.

I embrace the powerful aphorism that giant trees grew from tiny seed.

Now being aware of this presence of source within and all around.

I see life in all its simplicity, as my joyous nature abounds.

Therefore I gently implore you, dear reader, let the presence of your ‘I am..’ surround you to your very essence and being at your very core.

For by this act of surrender all peace, joy and love fills you up and emanates into the world…. Evermore!


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