Infinite Generosity of God

The sun rise beckons over the hill tops and the house roofs.

The glistening rays illuminate my being as the day begins.

The divinity in all pervades my very soul.

As I still in the silence of the early morn; I feel enlivened, enriched and reborn.

Yesterday’s worries and grief melt from my mind, as I contemplate oneness all my fears are left behind.

Now, I am free to be all that I am in Thee.

I embrace God within becoming detached from my ego self.

By this act of surrender, I inherit immense spiritual wealth.

Reluctant to release this feeling of being loved, I begin to comprehend a great force from above.

Allowing my soul to become tethered to the Divine, I awaken a great love in my heart and relinquish all thoughts of what’s mine!

For great freedom is found in the infinite generosity of God…through all I endure..

God’s love for us is boundless, as I now know for sure!


2 thoughts on “Infinite Generosity of God

  1. I love when this poem!
    I believe Thee referring to God would be better with a capital. I have watched Jesus and God pronouns being in capitalized and feel strongly it is a way to lessen Their significance!
    Amazing day!šŸ’•


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