Sacred Heart Space Meditation: Breathe’s Journey to the Christ Within. OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT 25TH AUG 2022

Sacred meditation to open prayer group

Sacred Heart Space Meditation: Breaths journey to the Christ Within – transcript for meditation

Let us gently bring ourselves to stillness and feel into our sacred heart space. 

Slowly begin to become aware of your breathing without making any effort to control the breath. 

When your ready, slowly close your eyes and sense the body ease into a deep rest as you do. 

Take a deep breath through your nostrils, filling your lungs with air and feeling your stomach expand fully. 

Now hold the breath to a count of 4…..1….2…3…..4. Then exhale your breath to the count of 4…..1….2….3….4.

Keep repeating the cycle of breathing in for 4,holding for 4,then realising the breath for 4.

(30 secs pause) 

Now you can gently drop the counting technique and bring your awareness to the flow of breathe around the body. 

When your ready…. Begin to imagine a luminous ball of white light above your head and see the light flow down into the crown of your head. Keep seeing this flow continue through the back of the head and into the neck. 

You may begin to feel light tingling sensation or a gentle warmness in the area of the body. 

Let the light stream flow down your spine and spread into your arms and hands filling light to your finger tips. 

Let the light pass through your central torso of your body into your legs and feet filling your toes with this warm, radiant light. 

See in your imagination that your whole body now feels illuminated and glowing. 

In this state of bliss let us welcome into our hearts the Divine presence of Christ. 

We acknowledge the pure light of our true self as we fully merge into Christ Consciousness. 

All our ego attachments to individual wants and desires melt away. We are becoming enveloped with a oneness of spirit in union with all around us. 

We feel the air against our skin, we let the sounds in the distant pass through us as if we are carried on the wind. We embrace the weighlessness of becoming fully present in this moment. 

The eternal now beckons us to stillness in unity with all that is… 

(Pause for 30 secs) 

Now as we return to our awakening state, we ask Christ to be our source and teacher during our lessons. 

May we be guided by Jeshua as brothers and sisters in the unity of our soul family gathered here. We ask that Jeshua helps each of us grow in spirit and to higher consciousness that is all our souls destiny by the sincere and heart centered focus of our study group. 

Now when your ready take a deep breathe into your body through your nose, filling your lungs and expanding your stomach… Hold the breathe for 4 1….2….3….4 now breathe out fully through your mouth. 

When your ready wiggle your fingers and toes as you gently open your eyes and become familiar again with your surroundings. 


To be used in the video for source of music below..

MANTRA by Alex-Productions |
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Creative Commons CC BY 3.0


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