Earth’s Call to Freedom

I am at peace in my world, I no longer fear the sunshine!

By stepping into my full illuminated self I expose all the shadowy aspects of me.

In this great act of courage I reach up to the furthest stars.

I recall my home back on the most ancient of days and all the dross melts away.

I stand upright, radiant and tall, a gold embued being of the highest integrity, whom chose to humble himself to live in the darkness of a world gone out of step with love’s glorious march.

I took on a veil, hiding myself from my true nature that knows all perfection and loving eternal grace.

I forgot my Royal galactic lineage and chose to live among the peasantry so that I may better serve my creator, in an act of turning a lost and dark world back into the light of loving grace.

The terrain has been deathly, the barriers, horrific.

I have experienced scorn, derision, humiliation, tedium and misery.

Yet when the battle is over and my sword is laid to rest I shall chat the name of God most high and revel in the great joy of victory.

For I have freed a planet from the clutches of hell.

The folklore will record that when tyranny stamped its grizzly boot on the throat of the human race the lightworkers and wayshowers came to the fore and delivered a wanton earth into…


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