Shadows from the Sun

Restless in body; agitated in mind.. If I scratch at the surface what fear will I find? Not settling into sleep, as the night trundles on, It seems so interminable, so troubling, and so excruciatingly long. Patience is key - with myself and my worth at this time. For all to be revealed, I need … Continue reading Shadows from the Sun

The Aspirant’s Promise

Seek and ye shall find.. By the grace of my holy Mother God and heavenly Father God, I pray for the masses this: Be not afraid, for although the times are tough and the storm can make you weary, there is a beautiful pasture, basking in sunshine, a little further ahead. As we traverse this … Continue reading The Aspirant’s Promise

A Enlightened Soul’s Journey…. to bring Heaven to Earth!

An Enlightened Soul is beckoned... The spirit of the awakened being is made manifest in this earthly human vessel. Though dwelling in a time/ space reality this soul is no longer subject to the laws of such, for thine is the kingdom of heaven made fully manifest here on earth. This soul having succeeded in … Continue reading A Enlightened Soul’s Journey…. to bring Heaven to Earth!