New Cosmic Consciousness

We are called to awaken to our ‘heart-mind’ and transcend the reality of time and space.

Relinquishing all our fears to create our reality risen to a higher dimensional place.

The need to expand our consciousness is the prime purpose of all life in the universe, and this is profoundly true!

So, becoming a conduit of light and carrying the love vibration can only enable all to renew.

For higher vibrations to arrive on Earth at this time, then beings here must experience a shift in the dimensional field.

To many, this is a great call to awaken to higher timelines, yet there will be others who refuse for a time to yield.

Now, where your soul resides in this great epoch shift can only be gleaned from internal seeking to allow the mystery of life to be revealed.

It behoves each one of us to search inside our soul and reach a level of self-awareness to attain a crucial goal.

To be truly aligned to Source, we must pursue the awareness of all matter as one.

Allowing all psychic debris to disintegrate and dissolve by the light of the sun.

By clearing all this density, we become powerful aspects of the Divine and hereby entraining all others on our path to be free of the slavery of time.

To sum up, our consciousness is expanding to meet the grand cycles of the universe ages.

This has been the culmination of the words of the ancient prophets and great sages.

‘Remember who you are!’ Is the mantra passed down as a great sign.

By opening our hearts to the ‘Love wave’ unfolding, we will all naturally and gracefully align.


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