Mind Matters: A Contemplation..

Riverside scene... I moor my boat admidst the fresh pastures by the riverside and wonder how much longer in this place may I reside. As the glistening sun creates sparkles on the ripples by the waters edge. All appears serene in summer bloom... as the wildlife hide among the hedge. I now rest in the … Continue reading Mind Matters: A Contemplation..

The Ascending Timeline

A shift in timeline...A time to love... The timeline has shifted; the stage has been set for the great awakening of mankind. By free will of each soul the universe has set in train events to unfold. The spiritual warriors are stationed and firmly in place - they've been encoded with their mission to awaken … Continue reading The Ascending Timeline

Celestial Lightbearers of Earth

These celestial lightbearers... They journeyed far from their light source to bring earth home. They experienced all of earth traumas, being scarred on many a war zone. They exchanged a life of perfected bliss to feel heartbreak and sorrow, their higher nature to miss! Yet through all the scorn, the lifetimes of pain. The light … Continue reading Celestial Lightbearers of Earth