A Poem from my Soul

Sinead and Me at concert 2017 In the years of my youth I gleaned much knowledge of a troubled world that was so obviously broken. I dreamt of better. The yoke of life troubles was laid heavily on my back, I took up a 9-5 role in the system so rancid and in disrepair. Yet … Continue reading A Poem from my Soul

What is love?

What is love? A simple question to utter, yet one that requires a profound response! Love is the very fabric of our time and space reality. One has heard it said that there exists a polarity between love on one end and fear at the opposite. However in essence there is only love because fear … Continue reading What is love?

Samadhi – Dwelling in the Stillness

Samadhi is an ancient sanskrit word to give a label to expression of a divine union that exists between an individual soul and infinite spirit. "Stillness is a blank canvass, that allows the myriad of pictures of life to be painted and given form. By returning to the stillness all possibilities become realisable. It is … Continue reading Samadhi – Dwelling in the Stillness

A Enlightened Soul’s Journey…. to bring Heaven to Earth!

An Enlightened Soul is beckoned... The spirit of the awakened being is made manifest in this earthly human vessel. Though dwelling in a time/ space reality this soul is no longer subject to the laws of such, for thine is the kingdom of heaven made fully manifest here on earth. This soul having succeeded in … Continue reading A Enlightened Soul’s Journey…. to bring Heaven to Earth!

Earth Shattering to a Globe Awakening Part II – A Guide to Awakening

(Earth Shattering to Global Awakening - original post of 24th May 2019) A note before we begin:"Everyone is responsible for his/her own decisions and beliefs.Everyone can investigate for himself/herself to find his/her own truth(s). Together we are laying the puzzle and together we may begin to understand the the whole picture source" Astar Command Crew blog … Continue reading Earth Shattering to a Globe Awakening Part II – A Guide to Awakening

‘Feel the Fear’ by Sinead McEvoy

It's Sunday afternoon, I'm sitting alone and I'm angry with myself that the possible cause of my chronic fatigue has been my persistent fear of shining my light and sharing my healing gifts with the world. An Empath's Journey Obviously being born an empath I've been conditioned to feel into everyone else's energy, so I … Continue reading ‘Feel the Fear’ by Sinead McEvoy