A collection of thoughts on the Spiritual Awakening and an insight into an awakened mind!

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I came to write this book over a period of internal strife and unknowing in my soul. The thoughts I transcribe here I have extracted from journals I have been regularly inputting thoughts into over the past few years and are independently valid but also chronicle my emergence onto a path of awakening my soul out of the ‘drunken stupor’ that it has been placed under by entering this 3D.

I hope you enjoy the reading of this offering to shed light on the life path that we all must tread en route to a great awakening on planet earth. I believe that this event is imminent and urgently needed. The storms and great waves of energetic shifts have moved me to provide this as a life jacket in the stormy ocean of life. I look forward to seeing you on the other side soon!

Barry McEvoy 14th October 2018

The New Earth Rising

A distant calling awakens the sleeper out of slumber;

The power of knowing echoes in the heart of many;

To be filled with the spirit of mans higher power releases the soul from the convenes of the human flesh.

No longer toiling in the fields nor spinning in the factories of life; released from lack, downheartedness and fear.

T’is truly said that the soul soars high as the spirit draws near!


Once this connected-ness is felt and spirit is restored;

The power to be at peace, content and calm cannot be ignored.

The purpose of the earthly journey becomes clear and unimpeded;

A new vigour and enthusiasm is instilled, a sense of clear knowing is seeded.

Others cannot help but notice this change in the beings emanation – with the effect of this positive vibe bringing love and light to an entire nation.

Now the energies will soon envelope the earth in a loving glow. Every soul that achieves this awakening brings the New Earth closer – where only loving energy shall flow!


Namaste dear reader! This poem was written on the 30th January 2018 and I revised the content in September of the same year. I wrote the poem to express the power and effectiveness that getting in touch with the non-physical aspects of life have on the being travelling the journey through the earth based reality. The denouement of the piece is my attempt to illuminate that idea that given this ‘search of the soul’ for higher spiritual purpose the love energies can’t help to flow and bring about the flowering of a new consciousness on the planet. This new consciousness shall be govern only by love and this then releases the weights holding our souls down in the old energies of the third dimensional realm.

My next offering to you my reader is a short poem I penned in March 2018 and I was having a go at encapsulating the purposes we place on this earth and the struggle we all have to find meaning in it at times. I am content in this reread that I sufficiently raised the vibe of the poem upwards through the concluding verse. I hope you agree and get uplifted yourself from a read of this poem I have titled ‘Life’s Chosen Path’.

Life’s Chosen Path

What is this life’s path that presents itself before me I pray?

Will it lead to riches and fame along the way?

Or will I instead convince others we are all the same?


I know now what my role in life is, it’s true!

And it is to remind us all that I am just like others, like you!

For we are each unique on our life path,

Connecting to one another to avoid the turmoil and wrath,

For there’s no doubt about it life can deal us some hefty blows,

Yet we learn from one another to deal with the highs and the lows,


So gather around people from wherever you hail

And rejoice in the kindness and joy that shall never fail.


The yoke of despair weights heavily on my shoulders I yearn to be inspired; filled with the joys of the holy spirit; filled with that knowing that I am the universe and I ordain all that happens to me, for me,  and by me!

“God is a being filled with the holy-spirit and letting the heart energies rule.”

Barry McEvoy 19th November 2014


Thoughts on Ascension – I wonder how long will I wander this earthly plane searching for the truth and what I require to quench my spiritual thirst. I must drink from the living waters of the holy spirit knowing that my being is but a vessel on the route to paradise. I yearn to be free of the 3D prison and develop my telepathic powers and connection of love with my fellow beings in a state of grace. To live a humdrum life notching off the years till the promise of a golden retirement seems I bitterly futile way to live our lives. As David Icke implores once we live from the heart life doesn’t get easy but it does create a real adventure to life.

Ruled By the Heart

To follow ones heart in life turns fleetingness to abundance and eternity!

It is to meet the onward challenges with energy and vigour surefooted in knowing that your path is true!

It is to bring the mind in line with the soul and direct our earthly actions to our ultimate calling!

It is to fill each day with wonder and awe – blessing each encounter  in our daily chores of life.

It is not to fear or cower in the face  of injustice!

It is to believe in and hold love energy in your heart!

“God is abundance and joy springing eternally into the illusory world of space and time” Barry McEvoy 20th Nov 2014

“God/Source of all to be is the essence that makes up the universe and the life giving energy to all matter”


As I was contemplating my troubles in this life I penned this poem that summed up for me the power of spiritual awakening in a person’s life that reflects our definite need to re-engage with the natural world around us that is severely lacking in the modern western way of life. I didn’t have a title for the poem when I penned it in to my journal – I added the title below from a review in retrospect:

Life: An Ocean of Possibilities

On the shore of the sea is where my soul longs to be;

There were there is an ocean of possibilities washing up on foamy waves at the shoreline’s edge;

This is the place where manifestation and possibility meet;

I am on the edge of this great ocean that lies before me;

As I play among the pebbles and cast a selection into the waters continuous waves, I begin to understand that none of my doubts are real;

Faced with the ocean before me the choice is both stark and true…

I am in awe of the majesty before me yet feel I tame it with my presence – all is one and none is lost!


Next I would like to share a piece of prose that I penned in March of this year close to my birthday which falls on the 29th March. I had been encouraged to carry on my writing talent and this lead me to mine into what was making me tick at that time. I transcribe the piece exactly as it was written then:

“O yonder horizon that doeseth lay before me (I must have been attempting to channel Shakespeare here!) – encouraging me in every step that I take…”

I write this time to bring myself into alignment with all that is, all that was and all that ever will be. I am a vessel of the divine. My heart sings a song to heaven: “All is love and love is all!” – We complicate life with human created feelings of fear, doubt and disbelief. If we only trusted in the beauty that surrounds us then these negatives would wither away on the vine of truth and bask in the radiant sun of love.

The time of a great awakening has arrived on the planet. There is no longer a need for beings of love and light to hide away in there tepees – for the calling to make ourselves known to the gaia energies has arrived. Those whom walked in darkness will have seen a great light. There is no need to cower in the darkness and fear for the light of God shines into even the darkest room in the house for all to bathe in the illumination.

I am coming into alignment with the life purpose of this incarnation. I no longer struggle with the doubts and insecurities of my past – that has been cast off this vessel and carried away with the winds.

I live in the service of others in recognition of the truth that we are on a journey home to unity consciousness. The peace, joy and love of God has found a resting place in my heart and soul. I take good care of this vessel by exercising a knowing of control over the excesses of the self driven by ego.

If there is no more war on this planet and peace on earth reigns through then the higher realm shall be ushered into this earthly domain and joy shall fill the air. A beautiful reality is born!


“I feel through my spiritual endeavours that my boat is being pushed firmly out into the deep waters of the spiritual realm.” Barry McEvoy April 27th 2018

Affirmation: My Heart and Mind are now filled with Joy. I am a mighty reflection of God’s happiness!

Prayer of Joyful Being entering the New Earth

I am a cherished light being of creative energies;

I have the power to change the world and create new worlds with my positive thoughts which are a creative spark in this reality;

I love the planet and all the beings that are present here from the worm in the soil to the eagle that soars in the sky;

I am one with the human beings that walk with me in the present incarnation of my spirit into human form;

I reach out to the beings of the higher realms and I engage with my higher self at all times in all experiences;

I am melding with my higher self so that  I am strong, courageous and free to live out the playful choices I make in this reality matrix.


I am a conduit to the higher realms and all the way to source I have shed my inhibitions of fear, doubt, worry and stress that were my millstone in early life;

I am ready, willing and capable of taking on an ascension path in this earthy incarnation;

I am healthy and vibrant being of light and no negative attachments can survive on my being;

I am pure light energy and I bless the ascended nature in my being that has now come to fruition.


May all ascend to the 5th dimension on Earth;

May a flowering of consciousness occur on the earth;

And may the joy, peace and love of God flourish in our hearts as we step into a new nature as eternal beings



Conclusion – I hope you have enjoyed reading this instalment of my journal entries I felt drawn to share at this time and sincerely wish that they reach you in good health and firmly on the path to spiritual awakening!

Namaste Barry McEvoy 15th Oct 2018


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