Night into Day

A luminous star shined in the dark sky over a brooding sea.

A lonesome boat man rested his oars amid the stillness of that eerie night scene…. with aching muscles and weary bones all seemed lost of his dreams.

Gathering himself together he took his oars up to press on; batting back the many fears that haunted his soul for so long.

For he held to the belief that he should stay true to his heart on this epic journey which he had embarked.

As he glanced at the starlight of the night sky he gleaned hope out of despair, that there is much more to life then that dark, grey sea he’s toiled with there;

Then the seas became disturbed; the boat got tossed and turned on the waves.

Fear returned to grip him and he fretted that all was lost in this sea before his gaze.

He pleaded to the sky what did he do to deserve such a tragic end, for all his life was in service to others…. he could not comprehend!

That call in desperation caused a stirring of his soul to convey; all is not lost for the starlight will lead the way.

Perhaps he mused to himself a path exists through this dark dangerous night. He resided no longer in despair without any hope in sight.

He took up his oars once more, in defiance of the hostile sea;

And was guided by the light and his determination to be free.

He finally got sight of the shoreline as many waited to greet his return, as all rejoiced he’d found his way.

For the dark, dismal night of his journey gave way to a beautiful radiant day!


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