Victory to the Light

Victory to the Light…

Many are lost in this world, bereft of a knowledge of the divine source.

They ignore any yearnings of the heart and steer their own egos course.

Visited by troubles and harsh times- where pain and suffering flourish… it’s clear to me it’s their souls that are most in need to be nourished.

In this world of dystopia no embrace can be felt, no gathering place, all that was, appears lost without any trace.

Yet God’s grace is ever present in the nature that surrounds…the birds sing more audibly and spring blossoms abound.

God’s caress is ever present with those with the spiritual senses to feel; like the gentle breeze on a spring morning feeling so invigorating and real.

For God resides within us now as he ever has, if only we care!

Lifting our hearts to greet the sun of a another day; being resilient above all the despair.

A desire arises to use this pause in life to take stock of what’s valuable to our souls, leading us to true and vibrant health…

Not the material pleasures of a fleeting world, not the greed and mammon of false wealth.

Instead it’s our relationship to each other in our ability to grow in love that counts most of all.

With the greatest relationship being with the divine, who is filled with love for us…if we’d only heed his call!

This understanding raises our vibration to a higher place in our essence…. no longer in fear and gripped by a world drawn into supine dependence.

It becomes our abiding knowing that God is eternal love, his presence felt everywhere!

By standing on that solid rock we grow in confidence and strength, erasing all despair…

For the wickedness and snares of evil doers cannot reach us in this place.

And soon the darkness shall be dispelled with the breaking of a new earth dawn for the human race.

Those that walked in darkness have seen a great light.

The time of awakening is calling all our baseless fears to take flight.

So shake off those shackles and step out of those chains it’s a time to rejoice with excited acclaim!

We are God’s people we live in joyous love giving thanks to mother earth and our father in heaven above!

No longer pressed down with boot on our face we are liberating ourselves in the presence of God’s grace.

Amen to my brothers and sisters of faith…. the battle is won; we no longer need to engage in a horrid fight.

Let’s be rejoiceful in this victory of the light!

Raise up your glasses high for those that seek justice no longer live under a great societal lie.

We of the light are reborn into a free and new land…. come celebrate with us as you begin to understand.

Victory to the light! Victory to the light! Rings out so loud and clear;

Let God’s love reign through the earth now the bells of victory ring for all to hear!


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