Earth Shattering to a Globe Awakening Part II – A Guide to Awakening

(Earth Shattering to Global Awakening – original post of 24th May 2019)
A note before we begin:

Everyone is responsible for his/her own decisions and beliefs.
Everyone can investigate for himself/herself to find his/her own truth(s). Together we are laying the puzzle and together we may begin to understand the the whole picture source”
Astar Command Crew blog by Ben-Arion 29.04.20

Introduction – Why must we ‘awaken’?

We appear to be in the midst of all prevailing darkness and despair, yet this is a nightmare we can easily wake up from and by doing so we will have ushered in a bright new dawn for humanity.

A New Dawn Emerging….

This is a time where humanity has come to a profound junction in the road.

We must now choose, as individual sovereign souls on planet earth, whether we are ready to awaken ourselves to the higher realms of consciousness, step into our path of freedom and allow the universal love energy to flow through us.

The alternative to this is to become further ensconced in a prison matrix that will unfold onto the ‘3D’ earth reality that the controllers have prepared for us.

A Call to be Free

We are ultimately free will beings of God’s universe and will be given a choice between the two realities presented before us.

The call to awaken has been presented to us in various guises throughout our present reality matrix and in all aspects of nature – yet you must have the eyes to see and the ears to hear to open into this great awakening.

The time is now to heed the call!

The procession of the equinox has ushered us into the new zodiac ‘Age of Aquarius’.
Since the 21st December 2012 the planet has shifted and we are in the midst of taking a step change in evolution of the human race in conjunction with Mother Earth Gaia.

Society Induced Coma

The call is for us to awaken from this societal induced coma. This time of lock down has brought many to a sense of awareness that we are sleepwalking through our lives with routine and drudgery.

The average citizen being weighted down by financial debts that penalises us to the level of debt slavery to our jobs – which only serve to feed a rotten, corrupt system of control and perpetuate the cycle of despair for the masses.

This calling to awaken requires the bravest of souls to see before them the freedom presented and not the alternative to cling to the illusory safety of this ‘sinking ship’ reality but to grasp this moment with both hands and trust in your own inner beings higher nature.

Challenges in the 3D Matrix

This extant reality has been designed to lower the vibration of the human to reside in survival mode, surrounded by fear, anxiety and insecurity with scarcity being the prevailing experience of life. It has presented us with false and nefariously disguised ‘solutions’ to the control system manufactured problems in society (of which the coronavirus outbreak is just the latest).

The promulgating of vaccines to treat the COVID-19 is the latest attempts to subjugate the population and attempt to stymie the great awakening that is upon us now. 

(I would urge you to do some research on vaccines and their efficacy, particularly in relation to the activities of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation after considering this you may have to reevaluate any views you’ve held about by passing your own immune system to heal disease.)

The reality of the 3D matrix is purposefully designed to enslave the humans of earth and ‘box in’ the divine nature of the human being to deny them the higher divine gifts of abundance, joy, perfect health and a blissful pure loving existence. Thus creating the earth of an eden paradise described in many sacred scriptures. 

However the inorganic nature of these controls that are ultimately build on mimicking nature have no inherent life force of their own and therefore cannot survive long.

There is a God force/Soul force that resides within us to reach to the higher realms of consciousness and its our true nature as spiritual beings inhabiting a temporary earthly body that the control system with its artificial constructs cannot match.

The method of control employed is built on negative forces and indeed has been utilised from ancient times past to the present day.

It requires the depleting of energy from another life source to sustain itself and we are that food. Much like in the matrix movie that calls us to awaken in the scene where morpheus instructs neo that we are being turned into battery cells to feed the matrix.

(I’ve heard it quoted by a biochemist whom advocates alternative medicine Bruce Lipton that the “Matrix is not a film its a documentary!” I also heard it said that in this reality everything is inverted the movies tell you the truth while the news feeds you fiction!)

We are their food source in very much a parasitic way – thus by its destructive nature it therefore contains the seeds of its own demise within itself.

It should be obvious to you that an awakened human planet no longer serving as a lower vibrational food source is a threat to these parasites very existence and this current world wide lockdown is their last gasps at maintaining their order of control on the planet.

In summary, therefore it only becomes a question of how long will humanity take to pull off the shackles of the controls and AWAKENING to our true nature. It’s inevitability is not in question!

This GREAT AWAKENING –despite outer appearances on the surface of the 3D Earth – is well underway!

How Can I Awaken?

To shift your consciousness to the higher realms (ie the 5D New Earth reality) you need to deprogramyourself from this 3D construct matrix we’ve been born into.

A disengaging of the mainstream media is an important first step – as this outlet will feed you a mental diet of fear and worry – pummelling your being with negative stories of how the controller’s version of the world is, given, that this media is controlled by them.

This step enables you to realise how much time in your life is whittled away by mindless mainstream TV programmes (note the wording ‘TV Programmes’ the TV has long been recognised as a means of mind control and not just in advertising) designed to keep you hopelessly inured to the system of control.

An appreciation of the depth of yourself can blossom upon a rejection of mainstream media by going within to the core of your being.

The gift of ‘going within’ yourself allows your divine nature to emerge and you cultivate a more joyful outlook to society and life in general.

In this act you become aware of the understanding that you are the controller of your own reality. This realisation will then have a real effect in others that see the changes in you and comment on your changed demeanour resulting in an alchemical shift their outlooks also.

Thus with this a great step towards an awakened unity consciousness reality is well underway!

Steps to an Awakening

There are number of steps to take to awaken to the New Earth consciousness and there is much cross-over and interlinking often between them.

A point to note before engaging with the list below:

These are set out to cover an array of exercises towards ascending in consciousness, I wish to honor you on your journey at whatever stage you maybe at. It’s important to state this is not a race to a finish line in competition with others.

Our destiny as souls embodying an earthly vessel is already assured by definition unity consciousness means we are all one. The choices arise in the individual in which path to take to this inevitable unity consciousness destination.

That said I present the list below for an aid to the newly awakening being gleaned from my lived experience of the awakening process:

  • Engage in Meditation and Prayer

This is a key aspect of guiding your being through times of tumultuous change. The stillness and centring that comes from a meditative practice can bring a higher perspective to any problems that arise in your life and can form a ‘spaciousness’ within you that allows the higher vibratory qualities of peace, joy, calmness and abundance to arise.

If you are new to meditation start with short (maybe 5-10min) daily guided meditations on youtube/vimeo/bitcute. This would be a way to access a technique that you are comfortable with that will allow you to meditate using your own technique and increasing the length as you deem appropriate.

The important point is your own comfort with the practice of meditating the ‘rules’ are there as mere guides and gentle direction.

The key in any meditation is awareness of the breath, which aids a stillness of the mind.

Then the sounds you hear around are used to bring you further into a still experience as you begin to enter into the energy flow. This creates a keen understanding of the present moment as the ‘all there is’, with this your past dissolves away from the mind, the future no longer is of any concern only that which is present is seen to be real and true.

It becomes a special state of being to reach that aspect of yourself.

Once advanced in meditative practice you can attempt to connect with the spirit being within in that is sometimes referred to as the ‘higher self’. Given this connection you can enquire if there is any aspect of yourself you need to work on or any other message you are open to receive from this transcendental state.

A useful method to practice meditation is to visualise a white light above your head and then pouring into your crown of your head filling your body with luminious white light. This can effectively connect you to your divine self when conducted with breathing techniques and an intention of focus.

An excellent source for longer and more advanced meditation when you feel ready to undertake these can be found in the site:

There is an array of meditations each focussing on a particular area of need based on various life traumas, psychological challenges and even bodily upgrades (explained further in the site).

In practicing prayer, you should always offer up a prayer in thanksgiving and not in supplication.

The prayer should be spoken with confidence and in a positive open posture – the traditional taught method to pray on your knees is not conductive to making yourself open to the positive energies that surround a loving prayer.

  • Practice Forgiveness

The New Earth reality will not facilitate any emotional baggage being carried through and therefore we must make peace with the hurts and emotional traumas we have encountered in life before we can pass through the gate to the higher realm.

The act of forgiveness can be a tough one for the individual that feels aggrieved at a wrongdoing suffered at the hands of another. However, often, by withholding forgiveness it is the victim of the wrongdoing that is being held captive by the absence of a forgiving nature.

The Buddha puts it succinctly stating “Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behaviour; forgiveness prevents their behaviour from destroying your heart.”

The advancement to the higher realms will necessarily involve some pain and examining of the conscience. For just as the gold must be purified through the furnace to remove all the impurities, we must be of strong faith in the trials that present themselves on this earth reminding ourselves of the great prize of a new heaven and a new earth that awaits us in our purity.

Only those that are pure in heart will therefore be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. The lower energies that keep us tied to a relationship based on this lack of forgiveness on earth will halt our progress to the highest realms.

An excellent source for seeking out aid in dealing with issues of forgiveness and moving on towards your fullest life is Louise Hay’s material.

See Louise’s website for further details on this and Louise’s personal story of transforming her life.

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet

Taking care of the physical vessel is vitally important if the human being will be able to house the 5D energies on the planet right now.

The lighter foods that hold a high vibratory content are key to maintain a smooth and easy transition to a 5D earth.

These foods are all fresh raw fruit and vegetables – as these would be considered ‘live’ foods in that the energy is ready for release into the body and hasn’t been negated through cooking, preserving or other preparatory techniques.

These foods should be incorporated into the diet as exclusively as possible to prepare the body for the energy entering the body from the 5th dimension.

The consumption of animal products and animal meats should be limited and eliminated if possible as the dense and low ‘vib’ nature of these foods make the task of ascending to a higher vibration all the more difficult.

A caveat on diet in my experience is that you must be alert to the bodily cravings you experience during ascension – some meat ingestion may be required to control the speed of ascension and allow your body to ground itself more than rise too speedily in the higher realms where everything is light and less dense. The eating of dense foods would be a coping mechanism for this impact.

My wife Sinead and I would recommend – whatever your diet – to offer blessings for the life force that is being exchanged – be that from an animal or plant – and this offering of thanks will raise the life giving energy of all food consumed.

For an excellent source on all things dietary from a higher spiritual perspective I have used the advice and guidance of Antony William who goes by the name ‘Medical Medium’ – his ideas about foods and nutrition are groundbreaking and follow spiritual guidance he is privy to receiving from his spiritual guides.

Please feel free to peruse his website to find out more, if your interest in improving your diet using Anthony’s guidance:

  • Take Regular Exercise (Yoga, Qi Chong, Nature Walks)

It is important that the body is active to keep the cells, organs and blood flow functioning efficiently.

The body benefits from the movement that comes through the practices of the eastern spiritual traditions such as Yoga and Qi Chong.

In these practices the flow of energy around the body is aided by subtle and smooth motions of the limbs and torso.

There are many free videos, which can be found on you tube and are often set in beautiful natural surroundings. To attain the full benefits the exercises should be learned off and ideally conducted in the outdoors with bare feet on the earth allowing a full ‘grounding*’ effect to this energy practice.

A more western approach to exercise is to simply go on a nature walk and use the time walking to really take in the sights, smells and sounds of the place you are hiking in. By doing this you’re turning the walk into an active meditation and the benefits to your system are manifold.

*Check out the website for details of the benefits of earth grounding and the impacts of the EMFs on our body systems!

  • Engage in Spiritual Reading

There are many routes to awakening the consciousness via spiritual reading material.

I had my awakening experience enhanced by the ‘Conversations with God’ book series by the author Neale Donald Walsch and have since read many of his other titles (eg ‘Home with God’ is an excellent read for going through the issues around the death process!).

The powerful and informative books by Eckhart Tolle are steeped in awakening materials entitled ‘The New Earth‘ and ‘The Power of Now‘.

Other books that I have found inspiring that I could mention with great reverence is Dolores Cannon’s ‘Convoluted Universe’ series of books among others I have read, John O’Donaghue ‘Anam Cara’ this is a beautifully written book by a highly skilled poet and scholar on a celtic mysticism theme and Brian Weiss book entitled ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ – Brian is a Psychiatrist that uses the techniques of hypnosis to uncover the root of psychological problems going back to previous incarnations.

This then opened the door to other lesser well known spiritual writings in particular Maryann Rada’s book ‘Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity’ which raised my vibration to a high level but one I couldn’t reach had I not had done the reading of the previous material.

That is the main point here really: you’ll find that as you engage in a book that resonates with your soul path you will be guided by your intuition and synchronicity to the next great read that will prove essential in your journey to awaken the consciousness.

As has been said sagely ‘when the student is ready – the master appears’. The universe responds to your desire to grow spiritually and you’ll be elevated on your path to awakening with the wind at your back!

I have a ‘Inspiring Links’ page in the menu screen of the blog site here and in those websites you’ll find links to books associated with those spiritual teachers.

I invite you to explore any of these offerings that provoke an interest and you will of course discover your own ‘gems’ to awakening along the way.

I would love to hear from you if you have other spiritual readings that you could share!

Happy reading!

  • Ascension Symptoms

Now it would be remiss of me to invite you to engage in this process of awakening without mentioning this topic of ascension symptoms and before I list these off I would draw your attention to what is always stated by spiritual sites dealing with this topic that any medical problems should be addressed by a health care professional in the first instance.

However when the examination happens and you are told that you are fine that there is nothing physically wrong with you then you can be sure that you are experiencing the effects of ascending to a higher state of consciousness.

This has been the experience of many souls on this journey already including my own wife, Sinead and although the symptoms are undetectable by present day medical testing they are assuredly very real indeed. 

These symptoms should be treated with the due care and attention that is required.

It is important to stay well hydrated, practice meditation (see earlier for further guidance on this) and breathing exercises, and also get plenty of rest throughout the day.

The symptoms are described very well in the website, which can be found in my inspiring web links page and include dizziness, mood swings, dietary changes causing weight loss/gain, general fatigue, pressure on the head and tingling/numbness in parts of the body.

I recommend visiting the website for a full description and explanation of these symptoms.

The reason these are occurring in your body is not some random happening, it is the upgrade of your body to experience and be ready for a higher vibration existence.

We are becoming ‘light body’ humans in what will be known as a step evolution in the history of humanity.

Our DNA structures are being upgraded and the cellular structure is changing from carbon based to a crystalline based system.

It is a wonder of God’s creation.

Given this, it is important to note that each beings experience will be unique, as we are on a personal soul journey.

It should be understood that no one can take this journey in your place you and – as the writings of Joesph Campbell on mythology state very profoundly – in life you must ‘slay your own dragon’** in coming to realisation of what this life is and what the meaning is in all of it.

It is of course a supreme irony that when you take this personal journey of awakening you begin to discover more and more that we are all one in a unity consciousness of the field of awareness.

The great reward of awakening is to be aware of your being anew in each and every lived moment of life.

**See more of Joseph Campbell’s work at


So there you have it, I have tried to cram as much information into the list of ‘to do’s’ for ascension.

It is important to remember that the free will choice to awakening exists presently on the planet and if you are in any doubt about the validity of this material just look around the world at this time and see what the status quo is offering you – it’s a dystopian nightmare on an Orwellian scale.

Now, this grave observation shouldn’t act to bring you down, no, instead I pray that you use these attempts by the controlling forces to contain us to spring board you further into an awakening state of being.

The light of God resides within us and when we tap into the power of our being that is at one with the universe we are as Jesus enquired,

Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”‘? (John 10:34).

Final Caveat on this Blog

As with all external sources of spiritual support, use your discernment in adopting the material I have presented here.

First and foremost trust that your own heart led intuition will guide you to what is deeply resonating with your own individual soul journey.

Therefore I suggest to you to take onboard that which resonates here and disregard anything else.

Blessings to Close

We have the power within us to awaken to a New Earth consciousness that will usher in joy, beauty and peace of which the Earth has not seen for many eons of time, well before human history has been recorded.

We will, in awakening, restore our beautiful Gaia earth to this place of wonder and beauty once more!

This journey has been well underway for many souls on earth presently – I hope you will join us?

May there be peace, love and joy always in your heart!




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