Earth Shattering to a Global Awakening

The world has become a place of chaos and confusion, yet amidst this is a love vibration that sets the ground for a new earth to emerge!

A New Dawn is Breaking?

As new energies emerge, it no longer serves us to revert to another being in, a supposed higher authority, to direct us where to go in life or to take the great moral choices for us.

As society becomes assailed by the control system attempting to secure an ever tighter grip on each being’s sovereignty, this coercion is having the effect of bringing more to the light of understanding that a new dawn is coming and preparing others for this event.

Strength through Communal Cohesion

The inevitability of a domino effect occurring means a tipping point must be reached where all throw off the blinkers that have been covering their spiritual eyes and understanding arrives in the form of individual freedom and collective cohesion.

This acts to serve a higher purpose than the consumer based moronic society that they had been previously sleepwalking into!

Emotional Autonomy equals Freedom

All this can be achieved by tapping into our feelings, which have been so dampened down by external stimuli (eg television, coffee and tea, alcohol and cigarettes etc.)

It is through our feelings – that is our emotional responses – that we can work things out.

Our emotions have been manipulated to promote fear, anxiety and pain among us to prevent us awakening to our true, and most powerful nature.

This manipulation has been continuing for eons on the planet and has been part of an agenda of a rogue alien race to feed off our emotional states.

Alien Agenda?

The attempt to enslave the humans into an oligarchy under mind-controlled hybrid humans has ultimately failed as the call went out to galactic ancestors of earth to aid in a global awakening.

This thus freed the human inhabitants to return gaia back to the paradise which it was always meant to be.

Assisting Earth by Awakening to our Higher Self

There is some pains associated with the awakening that are necessary for shifting the old DNA double helix structures into crystalline DNA structures.

The energies been sent to earth now are open to being received by those of a higher vibration that have been doing the internal work on their being.

These special souls can act as receptacles to ground the energy of the galactic realms into the grid of gaia.

Advanced modalities are being promulgated on the earth now and beings of the light are gathering in soul tribes ready to do the great work of lifting the planet into the higher realms of reality in the universe.

An Awakening to a Brighter Earth

So to sum up, the shackles have falling off the human inhabitants of gaia. Yet, if left unassisted, there would be chaos and confusion and a possible return of the old order on the planet.

Gaia is being assisted by high vibrational off world forces and enlightened ones of earth – against a rogue alien agenda of enslavement – to bring about a profound shift in consciousness on this planet.

This shift will alter the lives of people immensely from the grim existence that lay ahead under the rogue timelines.

A paradise is emerging and great rejoicing and peaceful understanding will break forth into this reality.

We need only feel the vibration of love and choose love at every opportunity.

This then will create a peace and joy as never before seen to bring forward for us all heaven on earth!


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