Zeitgiest – The spirit of our age!

The yearning of the human race sits ill at ease with the serenity and divine order of the cosmos.

The call to awaken our consciousness from the ego mindset allows the energy of the universe to flow freely.

The political disharmony, the corruption of the wealthy classes should not be responded to with violent unrest and enraged action.

No, instead the consciousness must transcend the circumstance to bring relief from all chaos.

The human desire to see peace, justice, equality and harmony reign on earth will be facilitated by the elevated consciousness.

We shall move forward as people – we shall move positively forward!

Be peace, be harmony, be justice in the way Gandhi said “be the change

you wish to see in the world“.

The energetic impact of this change in humanity’s mind patterns have the power to uplift the entire planet.

The keys to open the prison cell our minds are in are in our grasp. We must only reach out with intent to the universe and freedom is ours!

Console each other in this knowledge and understand that all will return to the light, all will be free!

As unity consciousness is our final destination and universal love is all there truly is between you and me.


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