The Dawning of a New Age!

To be a purveyor of higher thoughts a soul must frequently tap into all that is and feel a stillness and serenity in this presence of now! The urgency to do something of note, to lay down a marker, to grapple with the uncertainties of a world thrust into chaos by the forces of deceit, … Continue reading The Dawning of a New Age!


Spirit over Matter: A Contemplation of Life’s Path

The Search for Spirit A contemplating of this life can lead to a great awakening of spirit over matter.... where we embrace the former and transcend the latter! The duality of this existence creates a yearning from the heart; should I pursue the life of material pleasure or does my spiritual nature play a bigger … Continue reading Spirit over Matter: A Contemplation of Life’s Path

Inspiring Quotes by Barry McEvoy

Introduction I've drawn together a number of quotes from my morning contemplations with my soul and the Divine. I've assigned the quotes to various sub headings for ease of understanding. I hope you enjoy the read: Service to Others "Compassion is the window to another's heart." "To reach out to someone in distress is to … Continue reading Inspiring Quotes by Barry McEvoy