The Captain of My Ship!

I issue the orders and set course for my day;

I plot every obstacle that may come my way.

Nobly, I journey beyond the safe shores of home;

To foreign lands and adventure and strange places I roam.

Life is an ocean, which we sail on through time;

Living to remember what was left there as a sign.

For are we all not sailors and these bodies of ours not our boats?

By sailing on with purpose we are kept afloat.

Though the storms may rise, and leave us battered and torn;

It is by love’s calming waters we lessen the scorn;

By pushing our soul to the horizon ahead;

We relinquish all fears and embrace life’s adventures instead;

A great calling is this, to become whom we really are…

A spark of consciousness, a luminous star!

Be not afraid as you drift through the sea;

For many have went before you – to keep sailing is the key;

To be bold and brave;

To overcome that huge wave;

Can lead to a place beyond our most vivid dreams;

In perusing this life’s purpose all becomes clearer it seems.

As I follow yonder stars leaving home far behind;

I honour my ancestors, so virtuous and kind;

For although I know I sail through an ocean of possibilities, anew.

I somehow feel my path is guided by others too.

The comfort of this lets all fear, doubt and disbelief be thrown overboard to the sea;

I’m loved beyond measure I am never lost, I am free!

So I sail onward – with integrity, honesty and hope – as my ship mates on this quest;

To live, love and honor life, till i reach heaven’s shore and my eternal rest!


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