A Life Beyond a Bi-Polar Label

I seek solace in my courage, that I trust I’ve nurtured from within;

Let me never shy from speaking my truth, it’s whats got me here from the dark places I’ve – in the past – been!

I step up to the lectern and take a steady, slow breathe to bring calmness to my being;

For this is the moment I created many times in my dreams, I’m bearing the responsibility of reforming a medical regime!

No longer am I subject to those medical forces that controlled and contained me in the past, being so feeble and supine;

I am grasping my opportunity and taking this destiny that is mine.

The medical community listen on with intensive ears and wide eyes;

I’m in my element now, I no longer where any false disguise!

For I am living my life purpose – I am conveying all I know;

To a receptive audience I’m spreading understanding, to all whom hear my message – peace, joy and love is all I bestow!

No longer lurching in shadows inhibited from imparting my truth…

I reach for a glass of water, clear my throat and allow my message to take root.

Of what has caused this great malaise in society of mental ill health at such an alarming rate.

To reveal this truth to the medical profession holds an urgency that just can’t wait;

In speaking my living truth of all the experiences I’ve endured, I’m left with an overwhelming feeling of having set a record straight….

And carried a stark warning of what ignoring mine and others shared stories would mean for our fate.

For we must change our path on earth in every facet of life to enable us to be free;

That’s a job worth doing now, it’s an honour that lives with me,

I live my passion most earnestly, challenging injustice and inequality wherever I go…

For it has been truly written down before me you see… you reap all that you sow!


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