The Nature of Life: Ever Changing and Challenging!

Are we sailing on a raft in an open sea, transported onward by the whims of the elements: the currents and winds dictating our route?

Perhaps this metaphor is an apt description of life. The world can feel much like the open sea to us at times – subjecting us to rough waves and stern breezes that force us along paths we’d rather not venture into for fear of sinking into deep blue beyond.

However it is worth noting that through this journey we are equipped with oars and sails to navigate, yet we must choose to use them.

This Too Shall Pass

It’s important in life to remember when we are riding out storms and generally inclement times, there is an ancient adage that has been oft quoted in wisdom literature throughout history and cultures – believing to be originated in the writings of the Persian Sufi poets – which simply states:

This too shall pass.

Thus expressing the temporality of the human condition.

Yet this then bodes the question ‘what is the point of it all?’ and further piques the enquiry that if all is impermanence and fleeting then why am I here?

The Mind, Body and Soul

These concerns lead us natural into a discussion on the nature of the human being.

The human being is made up of three parts: the mind, the body and the soul.

The first two we are familiar with in our physical experience – if not in awe of the complexity of the workings when we consider the daily tasks performed by our bodies and minds.

However the third state of being, the soul, appears to be much more ephemeral and has inspired generations of poets and scholars to contemplate its nature and expression to glean a purpose for life on earth.

The Transcendental nature of the Soul

The soul is the power that is driving my pen to move on the paper and it governs the activity of the mind and body to lead the being on their chosen life path through this lifetime.

The soul is the energy that transcends once the body has reached its end point – what is referred to in the physical realm as death, but what is really a change of form, the soul returns to oneness, with all there is, in a higher realm of existence.

In returning to source energy the soul is lead by their spiritual guides and angels through a life review. In this review the challenges and opportunities in life are examined and the impact the soul had on others around them is discussed.

Once the review has ended the soul decides if there is further to gain from returning to earth to live out fresh challenges and opportunities to help grow and evolve further into the grandest vision of the greatest version of who they really are, as Neale Donald Walsch has penned in his ‘Conversations with God‘ book series.

A Soul’s Purpose

Our souls are not bothered by what we are doing for a living, in what we are engaged in at any moment in time, the soul only cares about how we are being while we are doing the daily tasks of life.

If we are in a top profession and earning alot of money but are feeling depressed and unfulfilled by it all or on the other hand if we are carrying out bins from houses in a cheery and joyous manner then that’s the soul area of interest; how we are feeling while we are doing.

The energy we emit comes from our feelings and our emotions and can have an effect of lifting or degrading the state of beingness in others.

Therefore being in a happy and joyous place can have the effect of raising these feelings in others by transference.

Heaven is Our Home

The physical plane can be a place of great challenge and uncertainty as we experience it. However in these times of turmoil and despair we should hold true to the knowing that this is not our home, for our spirits (our souls) are the eternal nature of us. As the old hymn goes by Thomas R. Taylor:

Earth is a desert drear; heaven is my home”

The Game of Life

The challenges in life are presented to us as opportunities to grow and expand in love – love being the essence of all that there is – and see ourselves in the reflections of others whom we meet on the life path, because ultimately the connections we make in life both pleasant and not so much are reflecting back to us the better parts of us or the parts to our nature that we need to work on to overcome, grow and evolve in spirit.

Life as an Opportunity to Evolve, Grow and Love

As a way of recapping, the human being is made up of the mind, the body and the soul in unison to steer us through life’s path.

Now, we can relinquish control over our life through the influences of outside forces from time to time, or even across a lifetime by our free-will choices – though ultimately we are in full control of our reality – even to the point of being able to choose to deny this to ourselves.

We came down to earth from the spirit realm with a plan of life to fulfill and we will have agreed the various challenges in life that are to occur with our spirit guides and angels.

This support has not ended now we are in the earthly domain they can intercede for us to keep us on the path but to recieve their full support we must turn consciously via our free-will, and seek their guidance.


The journey through life can be long and arduous at times, these times are meant for our soul growth and becomes for us our reason to be here.

The rest bite comes in glimpses of the cosmos and the eternal nature of a dawn breaking, for instance, or a starry night sky echoing to us the sentiments discussed here; heaven is our home.

And in all our times of trouble, worry and strife may we be comforted by those Sufi words of wisdom that indeed “..this too shall pass“.



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