Inspiring Quotes by Barry McEvoy


I’ve drawn together a number of quotes from my morning contemplations with my soul and the Divine.

I’ve assigned the quotes to various sub headings for ease of understanding.

I hope you enjoy the read:

Service to Others

Compassion is the window to another’s heart.”

To reach out to someone in distress is to be a beacon in the darkness on a soul’s journey home.”

No greater gift can one being give to another than to listen.

It’s only through service to others that an empathic being gains relief.

A Soul’s Desire for Freedom

Freedom rises up the soul to the heavenly realm.

A soul is in chains when it loses its understanding that all is interconnected, this is the soul’s eternal inheritance. Once this is remembered nothing can bound it anymore.

The joy of living comes to a soul in recognition that all is interconnected and none are lost!

Welcoming Divinity

Peace is a highway to heaven!

A soul in a contemplative state of peace places a welcome mat at his home for the Divine.

The universe responds to the call of a soul in a high state of grace; the closer the soul journeys toward the Divine, the more aid is given on his path.

Faith can move mountains and make the blind see and the deaf hear, there is no measuring the capabilities of the human heart when led by faith in the Divine.”

Human Ego

A soul is released from frustration when all ego is lifted from the mind, most often experienced through meditative quiet, when brought into daily life practice everything becomes light, easy and fun!

Ego is the desire of an individuals soul to forget they are part of the whole universe – like the wave that rages in the torrent seas it too will crash and be eventually absorbed by the calm currents.

A soul trapped in an ego mind will live out a life of fear and anxieties towards others till the lesson is learned that we are all one in our essence.

God is Love

God is love; Love is God – this universal love is the plane of all existence. We only need remember, that is to say re-member, ourselves to this knowing to fully experience God as love within us.


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