The lost soul lurches onward; the night seems so long…

Nothing prepared for having to be in this place where only dark forces belong.

In turmoil the soul ventures through the stormy climate and harsh wind..

Oblivious to the cause of these conditions wondering whom have they sinned…

Continuing this well worn dreary path;

Yearning for salvation; to be spared from God’s wrath.

The soul searches through the dense fog of the mind to become pure;

What failings and horrors the body must suffer and endure.

Thus becomes the fate of a soul that lives in fear and lacking knowledge of their spiritual wealth;

Becoming locked in a prison of their own creation, by stealth.

In this there is no bright light in a tunnel of perpetual doubt and fear.

Nothing to cling on to; no loved ones are near…

How long can a soul wander that lonely path to hell; before it becomes clear there’s a better place to dwell?

For if the soul in its clinging to negative entities of lack and hatred of self can show a modicum of desire to change..

A sheath of light opens up in that dark place; and a wonder occurs that brings joy to a whole human race.

A light of pure universal love washes over the wretched soul… and is given the grace to carry on a new life role.

No longer in servitude to the lower energies of a negative nature, in a state of helpless need;

A soul is reborn to live out a new creed.

Where an example is set for others to see; one that fills others with joy, hope and faith,

A soul becomes a living force for all that in God’s world is great!

Till the day of the soul’s departing from this earthly realm once more,

The soul is realised from the karmic cycles to reach the higher realms and soar!


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