The Dawning of a New Age!

To be a purveyor of higher thoughts a soul must frequently tap into all that is and feel a stillness and serenity in this presence of now!

The urgency to do something of note, to lay down a marker, to grapple with the uncertainties of a world thrust into chaos by the forces of deceit, is ameliorated by a calm, smoothing air of knowing….

There is a purpose to all this apparent chaotic whirlwind through time and space.

The planet has a consciousness and holds a firm plan to evolve into a destiny of love energies of a higher domain, we, as earth inhabitants, are being carried along by this force….

With this comprehension, I choose to let go of the edge of the ‘bank’ where by fear and anxiety have led, and let the flow carry my being into the steering currents to this promised destination with our mother earth, gaia!

It is true to state that the tumult is daunting and can feel overwhelming during this phase – but, such as the traumas of birth are most intense through the last moments of labour, so too will we – as a collective humanity – experience the joys of a new birth in the times that are just a few short moments ahead.

Stay fluid in your being connect to your heart space, there will you find the universal energies flowing through you.

Relinquish the minds tenancy to view things in logical passages of time through space. As far as this world allows for this in your daily goings on.

Be open to the non linear, multidimensional aspects of the self and be…

…just be, in your presence your grounded space with all the peace, comfort and calmness that is your free gift from the universe should you choose to accept it!

These times are ushering in a grand awakening, predicted by ancient societies and astrological maps to be a new age of enlightenment…

Our world is due to change far beyond what our minds can scarcely fathom..

It’s time to anchor this knowing into our beingness, eject the debris of past events on our energy fields through various methods of releasing taught through gifted spiritual healers.

Thus allowing us to be the great conduits of this new light dawning,

Are you ready great soul?



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