To be Free by the Beach

Sunrise by the beach

I wonder how blissful it is to reach the present…. beyond the chatter of our busy minds.

I stroll on the beach and I watch the birds, in a graceful way,

I drop the label we use to define these creatures, and see a form of consciousness sharing my reality swooping and dancing upon the misty seas.

Partaking in the present as the sunrises up in the sky…

I feel a joyous wonderment at using this body and its senses to survey the reality I see before me…

Then I’m struck by the contemplation: am I dreaming, in a conscious state, this reality into existence?

Is there more to life then this reality projected before me, beyond my bodily senses is there a great unknown of life?

I think, or maybe more accurately I feel this to be so…

As I stare at the sunlight enriching the seascape before me,

I give thanks for being present in this moment of now..

I allow the wonder of it all to pass gracefully into the mysterious depths of my self!

I breath in the refreshing air and in this stillness…

I am free…


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