Guide on the Ascension Path – Into the 2020 year on Earth

Souls are always in Motion


I have been awoken from my slumbers tonight and I am using this time to draft a blog entry that may bring an air of productivity to a frustrating bout of insomnia.

I have been reading a new spiritual book I purchased before the Christmas holidays entitled “Confessions of an Indigo Child” by Alexander Papageorghiou with the intriguing tag line to the book ‘an in-depth guide to awakening to your infinity’.

I have found the read inspiring and empathetic, in his coverage of the souls journey through this earth reality.

The ideas he professes resonate with my own and I find his terminology echoing my own in the blog entries I have produced for my website.

The passage in the book about channelling and asserting that there are no coincidences led me to flip open this laptop and type these very words.

I feel like I have been awoken tonight for a purposeful encounter with my spirit guides and a necessary recording of this for posterity on my website.

I am therefore going to reach out to the higher realms now and invoke their guidance on the ascension path as the Earth trundles into the year 2020:

Hi, Can I connect to my higher guides now and seek guidance for my soul journey to aid myself and others on the ascension path?

Yes we are here and present and welcome this interaction at this time of your earthly space. How may we aid the ascension you speak of?

At what stage is the evolution of the consciousness on the planet and are we on course for entering into the much heralded ‘New Earth’?

There is much to be pleased about on planet earth at this time the weapons of destruction that have been built up by the earthly regimes of the dark have been made inert.

The profound shift in earthly consciousness will be felt more and more distinctly as the year of 2020 continues.

It is the passing of the decade and the marker for a step change in the awareness of those tuned to higher vibrations on the planet – be aware that the ground work that has been done by earth starseed beings has made all of this possible.

There is a momentum building up now that brings the day of final planetary awakening ever more closer.

Thats great to hear thank you for delivering that to us – can I ask what will happen to those souls unable/unwilling to entrain to the higher vibrations at the time of the planetary awakening?

There is no desire to cause any fear or unnecessary panic in the general populace the up-liftment would only ever happen to the souls that are ready to evolve.

It is like a increase in skill level of your favourite sports game – not every player can involve themselves at a premier league standard yet the enjoyment of the game comes with competing at the level befitting your specific talent and skill level.

There is no judgement here – the player of high skill levels playing in a lower league wouldn’t attain the same level of satisfaction from the game as the compatible league players.

The highly skilled player would need to advance through the leagues to attain the complete satisfaction they require.

The analogy can be continued by suggesting that a team that advances in whole to a brand new league (ie Earths ascension to higher dimensions) may require a shuffle of players to ensure the skills and talents are the right match for the new – more advanced league!

The New Earth will be a place of great harmony and peace and the souls entering this state will have been through a purification of mind, body and spirit to ensure that there is no discord.

Although the alternate earth may be maintaining the lower vibrating beings there will be a disregard for any changes that have been visited on the planet and the soul’s path will continue as before.

The higher vibrating soul will be very much aware of the old earth energy and will be a force of inspiration to those reaching to the higher dimensions.

Rather like a child playing in a nursery school sand pit the teacher and parent are aware of the child’s activities and interactions with the other children as they observe their progress yet the child continues in the sand pit ‘game’ oblivious to the watchers and their need to assess.

It obviously follows then that when the child is ready the sandpit game is out grown and they move on to a further challenge!

A thought occurs to me; the higher vibrating beings in the New Earth to come must have their watchers too to advance beyond the ‘grade’ they have been placed at – is the ultimate source of all leading us to a place of ‘final graduation’ or how does the levels end?

You have struck on the symmetry of the situation well here and the many levels that the soul goes through can get meshed with the planetary up-lifting that we are originally concerned with here.

There are many levels of consciousness that go beyond the fathom ability of the human mind each level of awareness can be attained at different points on the soul journey back to source energy the ultimate prime creator of the universe.

Now its easy to get lost in the complexities of all of this and drop into a bland description of the earth plane.

The human being has been stationed on earth to drive a system of change that is revolving the universe in a great divine purpose of knowing itself as itself in flux.

To ‘be still’ is a term your spiritual teachers use to pertain to bringing enlightenment but in reality stillness is never attainable in its truest sense – as everything on the universal plane is in motion.

You are a being of light that required an experience of change to evolve to a higher plane of existence.

The planet earth is a planet ready for a step-change in its evolutionary cycle.

In order to ensure the process has been fulfilled many souls incarnated to break through the valve of resistence.

Once this event has occurred all souls creating this change will resonate within these higher realms.

Now to say this goes on ad infinitum is a basic truism of the nature of existence – however to experience the bliss and wonderment of this event draws in the value of experience over knowing.

By way of example, it is one thing to know an amusement fair is exhilarating and exciting and joy-filling. You might read up on the details of the fun park and all that it offers in anticipation.

However, there is no level of knowing to match the actual EXPERIENCE of the fun fair and all it has to offer.

That effectively illustrates the journey of a soul through existence.

All is available to the soul and the path chosen will be the one that provides that experience that that soul requires and so this continues…..the journey never ends.

So to bring some closure to our discussion here I need to say that every moment is sacred on the journey and all learning, growing and evolving is happening at all times and even beyond time.

The pursuit of wisdom is a noble quest that all souls set out to accomplish – you have gained much ground in your pursuing in this lifetime and you should be rightly pleased with your progress.

The perfection of your soul lies in accepting the divine dichotomy that all will be revealed in good time…….unless it is not!

Thank you for the reply and the responses can I finally ask I feel like I am formulating the responses above in some way but then as a type more gets revealed to me can this be rightly described as channelling?

You are opening yourself up to be a conduit of the higher realm there will always be stuttering as the imperfections of your mind will create blockages to the stream of information that comes through.

We are content that we are involved in this process and you should understand that this could only be filtered through a pure light your soul has been prepared for the advancement into this realm of understanding.

Be at peace and rest now you should load this up onto your website and be content in the process that is beautifully unfolding within you.

Thanks again for the reply ‘satnam’

Levels of Soul

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