The Kingdom of God – A Vision…

The Kingdom of God is at hand!

We are powerful beings of light that have incarnated to form a consciousness shift on the planet, enabling inhabitants to be the highest version of the grandest vision of who we really are!

We are all powerful geniuses whom have fallen into a deep slumber, forgetting this awareness of our own greatness.

However, once the essence of wholeness and interconnectedness of us, as beings, is embraced this world changes overnight!

The whole power edifice, that has been build to encase us in servitude, must collapse and the dawn of a new era arises.

This dawn shines light everywhere – all the darkest places are reached, with this light dispelling all darkness from every corner and crevice of earth.

The freedom to be all that we are capable of being arrives to nourish our once emaciated souls.

The old souls present on the planet will aid the others to come, fully, into the light of their own beingness.

Thus allowing these souls to shake off the built up fears, anxieties and mistrust that had calcified the heart of those weakest among us.

None shall be forgotten, the light touches all hearts and evokes the true nature of our soul.

This true nature is LOVE….

And has the eternal power to dismantle the hardest of hearts back into this love vibration.

In accomplishing this we shall be welcomed, most graciously and deservedly, into the kingdom of God on earth.

Sat Nam


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