Inspiration – The Life of a Plant

The bulb is planted deep within the soil – covered to reside in that dark and dank place, feeling isolated and abandoned – lost to the world of the living….

….or so it seems!

As time elapses the roots emerge from being in the nutrient rich soil.

This felt painful and disruptive to the bulb as it split and grew out into the fertile depths of the dark moist place.

Yet real growth created further change….

The stem broke through the soil into the light of the day – given strength to grow by the roots gathering nutrients from the dark soil.

Thus a great harmony is unveiled between the dark and the light.

The stem needing both to thrive and create the first buds in the right seasonal conditions.

The buds are sustained by the sunshine and the rains and open eventually to reveal the petals of a beautiful flower – so very beautiful and radiant…it’s true!

This radiant occurrence brings joy to the world and life blossoms through the flowers very presence.

Till the season passes and the time comes for the flower to wither into the soil.

And the soil becomes enriched by this happening.

A cycle is therefore complete and great lessons in nature are gleaned by this observation through time and space.

That lesson then is that so too is the life of a human in cycles.

We must spend time in the darkness of the unknown

To grow into a light of understanding of our being and thus become the flowering of consciousness, reaching our full potential through time and space.

As time goes on we – like the flower – must give to others what we have gleaned from life’s journey

And in doing so our cyclical path is complete, our life has been fulfilled.

We, too, return to the soil from whence we came!

So live out the lesson of the life of a plant…

Do not fear the darkness!

For in these times there is much growth!

Be present to the flowering of your soul towards the light of the day and embrace the changing seasons.

By this observation, your life becomes a source of strength and guidance for new life on earth.

Always remember, throughout the cycle be aware that you are a part of this great cosmos,

Both eternal and powerfully at one with the source of all,

Bring God filled presence to each stage of your journey and – just like the plant in its beingness…

You too shall fill the world with joy by your very presence!


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