Spirit over Matter: A Contemplation of Life’s Path

The Search for Spirit

A contemplating of this life can lead to a great awakening of spirit over matter…. where we embrace the former and transcend the latter!

The duality of this existence creates a yearning from the heart; should I pursue the life of material pleasure or does my spiritual nature play a bigger part?

In the mists of time I search long for spiritual meaning, missing the opportunities of the material realm that I perceived as all fleeting;

I slept soundly on the shores of material destiny’s beckoning… so much that I noticed many were firmly wed to it all regardless of any reckoning;

Feeling lost amongst the clamour of it all, I began to wail out to higher powers do I have a purpose or a call?

Then life began to turn up wrapped in thorns; And I began to learn the lessons from the frequent battles and many scorns.

As I reclaimed my life amid the material realm I drew on wells of courage, wisdom and valour, knowing I had much changed in the journey of my soul’s endeavour;

What am I to conclude from this life competing material existence with a thirst for spiritual acuity?

All that I’ve experienced points to a universe that responds to an eager soul prepared to search deep within to take control;

For all else is moribund, and vacant of the greatest truth, that love is our guiding force in all our pursuits;

If this remains unknown then a soul is lost in time and space;

For this earthly material realm can only bring us fleeting gifts to embrace;

It is a tempting that gains much allure, yet its to be remembered that it’s the spiritual aspect of us that’s eternal and pure.

The sole drive to sustain the matter, to the neglect of spiritual fulfillment; leads to traits of a lower nature and a life of bewilderment;

True growth is found through the spirit coming into harmony with the body and mind;

For the search for the spirit within will lead to the material things being added in due time;

The trust and faith in God’s love ensures this article must be so, the experience of this knowing shall help any soul to grow;

So in pursing the highest calling of your spirit to achieve your life goal, all the treasures upon this earth won’t match what’s in your soul.

And contemplating the wisdom of the journey of life taking….

…you’ll transcend the material desires and become a ‘soul-awaken’.

Namaste all!


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