A New Earth Scribe

I am listening to the howling wind on an unseasonably cold July night, as darkness creeps in and steals the light of the day away.

What strikes me about my disposition is how balanced and poised I am, with my pen in hand and book on my lap.

I’ve had a day surrounded by people I love with a similar spiritual outlook to myself. I enjoyed the afternoon discourse with Kevin over a coffee and I always come alive when I am sharing spiritual insights with my wife Sinead.

I quiz myself to disturb this ease in my being to enquire if I should be reaching out to wider circles to project my light further to where it maybe needed more.

The friends that I’ve become estranged to now; should I be engaging to challenge their worldview.

I’m I being cowardly by shirking from conversations with these friends gripped in the old energies?

My answer to this is that like the prophets of biblical times I am to be rejected in my homeland.

I need to spend time in the ‘wilderness’ of my own introspection so that I do not get absorbed by the old energies of the past.

I need to cultivate my spiritual being, I need to sustain the fires of my spiritual awakening before I’m able to become a beacon of the light to old friends that did not recognize the light residing in me in days gone past.

I feel so comfortable in my self awareness, my anxieties and old urges have subsided. I am free to express myself as an awakened being of light that resides on earth a little while, yet knows my home lies far beyond this realm.

I radiate an inner peace that can elevate others to similar levels. The peace that passes all understanding emanates from my being.

I am of God and God is of me.

Separation is an illusion that must be transcended to break free from this matrix reality.

The universal bond of love is the true nature of our being, with this knowledge embedded in our being we can easily reach a high state of contentment.

To deny this truth and live in separation mentality leads to discord and chaos.

I know that it is my heartfelt mission to do all in my gift to raise the understanding of humanity to a unity consciousness.

As this clarity of intention is attained all obstacles of a personal nature on my path appear minuscule in comparison with the great work we are to undertake as light workers on the planet.

There is a sense of urgency within that stirs my soul into action.

I allay my fears of ridicule and derision towards me as I understand that no one enjoys seeing the ugly side to themselves. Yet in order to address a society gone mad with self centredness and greed a mirror must be held up.

I foresee a movement of change where people live by the virtues of faith, hope and charity and serve others as they would like to be served.

This is a deeper understanding of our connections to create a move to unity consciousness.

This unity consciousness will prevail as the old energies of the dark get more and more exposed.

Each being on earth must reclaim their autonomy over their own lives.

The newly awakened ones shake the dust from their eyelids and see the prevailing reality for the illusion it always was and move away from a ‘third dimension is all there is’ world view.

The ground is shifting beneath our feet.

The fast moving stream is making it impossible to remain by the shore.

The unity consciousness invites us to come into mid stream and greet fellow awakened ones there going with the flow of rapid change.

Alternatively others flail and flap to hold onto the shore creating pain and suffering as they are forced along the stream.

Rejoice in love, be caring for each sentient being on the planet and welcome the coming open contact with those from other star systems.

The world as we knew it has gone, this is not to be mourned for the enlightenment of a new humanity will create a profound shift in the planet towards a place of joy, peace and love which will be celebrated across the universe and other realms.

We are all one and with this unity consciousness fundamental changes in government, social structures, trade and commerce will usher in a better world for all.

A new age has dawned. It’s now time. Love is all.


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